Rich is capricious Rumor Apple to big to buy F1 Championship

Rich is capricious! Rumor Apple to big to buy F1 Championship

Apple has always liked to buy small companies or innovative companies, from computer software companies to a speech recognition company, from map services to semiconductor companies, Apple has always been a word not just buy buy buy, but is closely related to its acquisition of business of the company and Apple. And this acquisition indeed eye-popping: rumors say Apple interested in expensive acquisitions FIA Formula One World Championship (F1)!

It is reported that Apple to buy F1 Championship is to promote the development of Apple Car, and if it took over international events like the F1, then Apple will gain valuable race on the Apple TV broadcast rights.

More importantly, in F1 in the League, with the world’s top car makers like Ferrari, Williams and the team, and Apple Rumors internally codenamed Titan electric vehicle project is being developed, so if we can establish contact with all top of the F1 team, no doubt Apple will build cars play a significant role. Buy F1, Apple will have access to this cutting-edge technology, build Apple products cars.

In addition, if you bought the F1 Championship, Apple could get FIA (FIA) say, they can close the emerging electric car race Formula e, which is essential for Apple car. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

While Apple seems kind of funny to spend big to buy F1 Championship, but this report is not groundless, United Kingdom businessman Bernie Ecclestone sells F1 stake early plans. In 2007, holding nearly 40 years of F1 are interested to 6 billion pounds (about US $ 8.5 billion) 35% stake in the sale of F1, but the deal eventually fell through. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

The rumors, Apple and the F1 Championship has chosen not to comment.

Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case


Low price Beyerdynamic DT 1350 80 178

Low price: Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 8

Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 thanks to the Asian power in the 2011 launch of high-end portable headphones, Germany handcrafted and limited production. Using Beyerdynamic his Tesla technology makes earphones energy conversion efficiency, to large volume issued a balanced, accurate, undistorted sound. Its all-metal frame and detachable head beam DT1350 worked in design and texture are quite powerful. Hello Kitty for Note 4 Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 4 Case

Hello Kitty for Note 4

Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 a new low $ 178, recommended $ 7 cheaper than last time, about 1080 Yuan or so, prices in 1200, Taobao and 1999~2350, the price advantage.

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United States Department of Commerce once again suspended sanctions ban on ZTE

United States Department of Commerce once again suspended sanctions ban on ZTE

Beijing time June 28 morning news, United States Department of Commerce said Monday that export restrictions on ZTE ban will stay until August 30 to make a decision. In March, United States Government announced that due to ZTE had violated Iran’s export ban, ZTE will be sanctions.

New United States Department of Commerce granted ZTE continued to export contains United States technical equipment. United States Department of Commerce said in March that if ZTE with United States Government regulations, then the ban will continue suspended.

Industry experts say United States announced ban on export restrictions are very strict, could have serious ramifications for ZTE’s global supply chain. According to this restriction, United States to the ZTE company shall not export any technology, software and equipment, such as chips and processors. In addition, the software company cannot sell any to ZTE Office Tools, such as Microsoft Windows and its upgrade package.

Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

However, shortly after announcing the news, United States Department of Commerce gave ZTE 3 month period of grace, and the ban was suspended until June 30. United States Department of Commerce announced in a statement on Monday again suspended the ban. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

In an e-mail bulletin, ZTE said Zhao Xianming, Chairman, suspended the ban showed that ZTE is resolving compliance issues, and to cooperate with government investigations. That makes ZTE can sustain “with hundreds of United States companies, and in the United States continue to invest.”

Source: SINA Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

Zuckerberg also fear that Internet access was obscured by black tape notebook

Zuckerberg also fear that Internet access was obscured by black tape notebook webcam

If you’re the world’s richest and one of the most influential figures in the field of science and technology, so what do you do to protect yourself from hacker attacks? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), he would seem to be very simple, that is the use of “Scotch tape” to protect themselves. Hello Kitty cases

Hello Kitty cases

Prior to that, Zuckerberg at Facebook posted a photo of a celebrating Instagram reaching 500 million monthly users, and sharp-eyed United States tech blog Gizmodo writer Chris Orison (ChrisOlson) are found in this photo some of Zuckerberg’s “secret”, that’s what Zuckerberg has itself using the Macbook’s webcam and microphone location labeled tape. Hello Kitty case

After all, if your camera and microphone are solid block, no matter how sophisticated hacking tools will be of no avail.

Gizmodo believes that considering that Facebook has been able to profit by collecting user data way fact Zuckerberg’s more or less of this approach is somewhat ironic. However, when when you net worth of up to 38 billion dollars, no matter what you do to protect your privacy, network security seems to be reasonable.

As we all know, Pinterest and Zuckerberg’s Twitter account recently have been black, for the attack in a recent LinkedIn password Zuckerberg login information after the exposure of a massive blowout occur. This would mean that Zuckerberg may have multiple sites using the same password, or his LinkedIn login credentials leaking other site settings the password is easy to guess.

A previously unknown hacker organization Ourmine claimed responsibility, the group said they found Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn passwords password is “dadada”. But the good news is, small in its own products on the left hand on the password and Instagram and his Facebook account on this and not be compromised by hackers.

Source: Tencent

Lei the most satisfactory products of millet one of the product managers is

On the premise that form, in the products of millet, Lei has two special design: a millet mobile power, second, millet WiFi amplifier. The reason is simple-the ultimate.

“Together, several batteries, mobile power shape must be the basis of rounded rectangles; millet WiFi amplifier circuit board itself is rectangular, so if you don’t do this, it is not an extreme design. ”

Millet network WiFi amplifier product Director Chen told Lei Feng (search for “Lei feng’s network” public attention).

Lei the most satisfactory products of millet, one of the product managers is how to do it?

Market and competitors not so much

As a “fan economy” the best-run companies, millet available questioned and celebrated almost in direct proportion. Therefore, in millet router after shipment, many problems will quickly get feedback, one of the most sensitive is “bad”.

“The signal” is a router, so this made Tang Mu team nervous but followed up, they found:

“Bad signal is mainly local, some nooks and places, with any router that is difficult to solve. And two kinds of traditional practices: increasing the transmitting power of the router; or launch a Repeater. ”

Millet router team chose the second, because the former is restricted by national standards, there is “wall artifact” is unworthy of blindly increasing power will cause harm to the body.

As a product Director, Chen first thing to consider is that the market volume:

“Housing more than two rooms and will this problem, in 400 million households, the proportion is roughly 70%, this is our market capacity. ”

But in the “WiFi amplifier” under the guise of, millet wanted to do, though, is a Repeater, which is actually a very mature industry. In other words, the millet needed was “redefining”:

Competitors have not sold well, this volume does not have a strong relationship with the market, may be the product itself is not doing well;

Places to find and analyze competitors do well, is the premise of millet WiFi amplifiers can be set up;

Obviously, this does not depend on data and intuition can reach, millet’s most valuable decision resource router user millet are accumulated at 4 million. “Millet router users, 5% use the relay mode, usage scenarios for these people to have very high research value. “Chen said.

“The other 89, millet, 39, and Spike”

Chen still has preserved the last year when photos of some of these scenes made a deep impression on him:

Vera Bradley iPhone cases

“Some user router as a Repeater of millet, not really to solve signal coverage problems, but put router in the balcony, above and below sharing network, shared network fees. ”

In General, China rarely set the balcony wall. Therefore, Chen saw users the power and network cables from the room to the balcony. Neither beautiful nor convenient. This was a special scene, but “the Repeater and insert the wall” this is extended.

“According to the principle repeaters, to achieve the best results must be no obstacles between the signal source. But the wall is fixed, if you want the flexibility to move the Repeater must use socket, this will inconvenience. ” Vera Bradley tech case

Combination of “repeaters on the market are high voltage design”, “mobility” came to the market space. A type of “without high voltage and low power” millet WiFi amplifier is ready.

“USB external power supply, the millet millet of the WiFi amplifier in 10000mah on mobile power, can work continuously for a week intervals, one month is not a problem. ”

Fringe benefits include: “the absence of strong electrical design, this product can do it cheaper, others 89, millet, 39, Spike. “Steven laughed. But that’s only half the problem, want to “move” did a more thorough, network configuration is more difficult than power adapter, which is the most critical user experience.

Eliminate manual

“In traditional products, set up a network of processes are not very friendly to many users. How to solve this problem? This is our first issue in reverse derivation. ”

According to Chen described, was responsible for the millet of the WiFi amplifier has an intuition – the easiest way to configure the USB is plugged into router and automatically through the configuration. “The thinking is very original, but it was right. “Chen said. But his unexpected is that complex to this feature:

“The amplifier plugs into the USB port on the router, the normal ideas through USB password. But most USB ports do not have the capacity to transmit data, only power. Using more advanced chip cost is bound to rise, consumers may not be able to accept, so we chose the wireless pairing. ”

But for wireless, simple and safe is often not taken into account. After three months of development, development, testing, project managers have questioned: now that is difficult to achieve, in order to stop, not pairing with confirmed the traditional WPS–APP and the routers. In response, Chen chose to stick in the product:

“We tested almost all major routers on the market, as long as the problems in the adaptation process, both ROM and was dropped, reverse derivation where problems and resolved one by one. ”

If not “trick” so boring work is inevitable. Eventually, the “millet WiFi amplifier adapter rate did more than 99%. “While the” plug and play “function, the” we only printed on the bags with a simple description of the, no manual. “Chen was very confident.

Lei the most satisfactory products of millet, one of the product managers is how to do it?

The end of

And Tang Mu, Chen millet also worked in Tencent, participation is the TOS (then called Tita). So he knows the difference between software and hardware product manager:

“Hardware than software and be more careful. Not only higher labor costs, hardware or need to mold, circuit board design, proofing and so on. And if the product sells well, you can only hit on their hands, will suffer a great loss. ” Vera Bradley iPhone cases

Therefore, before it has yet to start, “the core requirement of the user” is most critical for him to set up. As for price and features, that are extended: the former “death pull”, while the latter is mainly to do elegant.

Millet router

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Millet router

If you don’t have phone or millet millet box TV, then you will be hard to enjoy millet routes to the front we said all sorts of experience. Routing is millet millet for Terminal Services, which is like Apple’s AirPort for Mac and iOS devices service, only within this eco-system, in order to enjoy the best experience.

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Renesas launch 8 core processor with PowerVR 6 series GPU

Renesas launch 8-core processor with PowerVR 6 series GPU

Japan chip maker Renesas (Renesas) announced that they would launch the APE6 processor, is the big ARM. LITTLE program, or 4 + 4 Cortex-A15 processor Cortex-A7 processor, Samsung Exynos Octa released a while ago. This is a low-power, high-performance mobile processor architecture, as when in a State of high load, A15 architecture chip is enabled, but A7 is only enabled at low load.

Ted Baker note 3 cases

Unlike the rumored Samsung Exynos Octa is the GPU PowerVR Series 5, and Renesas APE6 will be the next generation of code for “Rogue” 6 series GPU, I believe in the graphics performance will be a lot of improvement.

via:Imagination Ted Baker Note 3 Case

BlackBerry Priv

922 votes Ted Baker note 3 cases

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv as BlackBerry’s first Android phone, high-end market, besides a 5.4-inch QHD AMOLED display, but retains the iconic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard, in order to keep the fuselage the size of a small, Priv used relatively rare characteristic of design, body measurements only 147*77*9.4mm, 192g. In addition, Priv front panel-production

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Dazzling lights cooler Rapid i tours

Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours

Mechanical keyboards in addition to shaft and Cap of the outside handle ever-changing in the light effect is quite stunning. A common mechanical keyboard, properly matching lights colors and effects, the overall visual effects are raising several levels, including Rapid-i of cool lighting effects can be said to be the most abundant.

Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours
Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours

In packaging design, Rapid-i continues to the cooler’s design style. Overall Gaming style.


Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours

In the lower-right corner is the introduction of various characteristics, such as the Green axis, all light, no conflict, the control key, etc.


Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours
Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours
Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours

Accessories only key puller and the wire of a pair. Where key puller for cock wire pull key, more easy to scratch the CAP, is not recommended. While the wire is a more upscale establishment of nylon line, and has a gold-plated double effect. One of the more interesting is, Rapid-i wire used for Mirco USB interface, as long as it is common for Android phones can be used with.


Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours
Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours
Dazzling lights cooler Rapid-i tours

Rapid-i’s instructions is also mainly when it comes to backlight mode. Rapid-i backlight mode is quite rich, and covers the common lighting effects, and a custom backlight mode the effect is really quite hungry.


Rapid-i for 87 keys keyboard skin material covering the surface using class, overall texture is quite good.


Rapid-i there is a certain sense of line design on the side, though don’t see daily use, but is also full of sincerity.


Relative to said there would be no life on the back, and is still commonly foot pad and bracket matching. Credit support work.


Paul Frank iPhone 5 Case

Rpaid-i is a light design, so common in the market backlit keys can be used. Large keys for satellite axis design, set-up is pretty good, crisp and clean, and can rank top in a mechanical keyboard.


Rapid-i lighting effect is considerable, a common game modes, and are some of the common areas are lit. Of course, global and permanent respiratory effects.


Rapid-i very distinctive lighting effect is the single point of light, but also an additional Delay. After using the Visual effect is really cool. The lighting effects are uncommon in the mechanical keyboard lighting effects, and is also quite nice to use. Besides, Rapid-i has a custom backlight mode through the 4 different lighting effects can be customized, to coax girls and really interesting to play it yourself.


Rpaid-i is currently priced at 699 Yuan, on the overall quality of workmanship and did quite well, and is exceptional on the lighting effects, I personally think it is quite good.

  Paul Frank iPhone case

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Smartisan T1

“Hammer the phone” is a hammer technologies (Beijing) limited design and development of a high-end Smartphone. Using Smartisan based on customized Android OS smartphone operating system.

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Nokia or selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft and Huawei

2012, for a Nokia phone guy who has, more or less miserable. While last year’s flagship phone Lumia 920 some sales, but still difficult to Nokia’s road to recovery.

Keepskor founder and Forbes contributor telisitan·luyisi (Tristan Louis) thought that the mobile industry changed dramatically this year, and Nokia will become the one of the protagonist in the event of major change.

He also said: “perhaps the biggest shock was Nokia quits cell phone market, because the company will move its operations sold to Huawei and infrastructure sectors, so as to better focus on software and services, and other services. With the Nokia Windows Phone 8 of the bet ended in failure, companies such as Nokia and Huawei will see Microsoft bid for its mobile device unit, and will eventually sell its smart-phone group, Microsoft, and other telecommunications business to Huawei. ”

If Nokia really quit mobile phone market, small series, said it was sad, and what our friends think?

Smartisan T1

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Smartisan T1

“Hammer the phone” is a hammer technologies (Beijing) limited design and development of a high-end Smartphone. Using Smartisan based on customized Android OS smartphone operating system.

Flawless cases

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20 years ago how do people send mail

If you think back to the pre-Internet era, you probably think of the mid 90, that is the Internet from Government and research institutions into the homes of ordinary people the night before. In 1996, approximately 4.5 million people use the Internet in the world, of which about 30 million people in North America, 9 million Europeans, and another 6 million in Asia and Oceania. Lucky is that “Internet” this Act since 1984, has been dramatically simplified.

But on the eve of the Internet into the mainstream, people Internet is it? Recently, we found an 80 United Kingdom Tech program database (Database) of the video. We see from the video, when Internet access is very cumbersome experience bad, can be seen from the huge modem.

In the video, the technology has great interest in the Greens showed how to use a computer connected to the Internet, search the Web and send e-mail.  M & M’S iPhone 5 Case

This process is much more complex than you might think: If you think 90 dials up the noise was unbearable, but at least you don’t need a physical telephone line connected to a computer. In the 90 ‘s, we listen to speech on your modem Internet access. In the 80 ‘s, however, as noted in the video demonstration, you need to use old-fashioned telephone dial-up Internet access.

20 years ago, how do people send mail?

Eventually, they enter the login page has Prestel, 12,344 password is entered. 

Then, they finally boarded a micro-grid (Micronet), Prestel in 1979, this is the Internet pioneers use of visualization technology to launch the Home, allowing you to their television sets for the dedicated Terminal, then using a telephone line connected to a computer to surf the Web. Never heard of this company? Never mind, this company in 1994, it closed down, the peak period in the United Kingdom with 90,000 subscribers.

Yes, it has Prestel companies are at the cutting edge of technology, but seen from the download speeds, they really can’t say much. Only 1200 kilobits per second (not bytes, not megabytes), which explains why Pat Green over the network to the database for the mailbox are not instantly loaded, but the line-by-line loading.

20 years ago, how do people send mail?

Watch this video, it can’t help but sigh in just 20 years, the Internet has developed rapidly. When the host asked why learning computer, sitting out in the modem and crude Prestel Pat Green Lady before so answer: the Internet is the future, I’m not so quickly behind. The foresight of this lady is amazing, they are promoting the continuous development of the Internet’s biggest player.

20 years ago, how do people send mail?
Microsoft Surface 3

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Microsoft Surface 3

New atom performance ARM processors have and top closer, but are worse and the mainstream core of the series by a mile, but taking into account the thermal power of 14W and 2W gap, which is understandable. Use it for routine minor Office enough and finally surface series can also run X86 program! Said performance flaw, is that it does not use the SSD, and broken eggs eMMC 4.5, which even with the eMMc 5.0 modern Android flagship.

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M & M'S iPhone 5 Case