Samsung to launch two new smart watch leading Apple core function table for

Samsung to launch two new smart watch, leading Apple core function table for one year

Foreign media reported yesterday in Germany Berlin IFA technology show, Samsung unveiled two Smart Watch: Gear Gear S3 and S3 Classic Frontier.

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Appearance levels, two new products are equipped with a great interface, Gear S3 Frontier outdoor styling, and Gear S3 more refined Classic business style.

Samsung to launch two new smart watch, leading Apple core function table for one year

Gear S3 series two new 1.3-inch color display, GPS positioning sensor, built-in speakers, 4GB, and Wireless charging, a single charge can be used for 4 days, and has a waterproof and dustproof features. Meanwhile, the user Samsung Pay services are available in the countries and regions using the mobile payment feature. Disney phone case

Gear S3 Frontier cellular wireless chip is unique in its configuration, 4G mobile network can be connected so watch without having to depend on the user’s Smartphone, the card make calls, send text messages and use applications such as Spotify, Uber, and Apple Watch during use, users watch must be connected to the iPhone.

Samsung global product spokesman Tony King (Tony Kim) says: Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

We want people to leave the phone at home, use only Gear on the outside.

Media reports say Apple configurations in cellular wireless chips will be introduced in the future smart watches. Industry analysts, Apple launched the new version of the Apple next week Watch this feature should not be added, mainly because of concerns about length of battery life, is expected in 2017 is expected to launch. Apple Watch now watch the only 24 hour battery life per charge, and Samsung’s battery life is 4 days of these two products. Therefore, Samsung will maintain certain advantages during the year. In addition, according to the July report of the IDC data show that global smart watch sales in the second quarter of this year was 3.5 million, compared to $ 5.1 million last year. Of the 3.5 million in sales, Apple Apple Watch 1.6 million, but Apple is the only watch manufacturers fell.

At present, Samsung has not yet announced the specific price for new Gear S3 series watch. It is reported that these smart watches will start at the end of the sale.

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