Fosun s brothers Liu Siqi technical school female VC people

“High risk” to attract women investors in the VC circle had not, female VC also tend to focus on consumer, civic and other “text” industries, such as artificial intelligence, data and Enterprise Services “reason”, technology-driven project-focused women investors called rare. Seemingly weak fosun brothers funds Chief Investment Officer Liu Siqi is such a technical female investors.

Large charms: a year of explosive growth

In the eyes of Liu Siqi, artificial intelligence, data and enterprise services to three seemingly unrelated areas of investment are closely linked, and under the rule of logic in a huge investment. “Quality of data sources is the key to three areas, corporate services is access to quality source of data, which in turn is to a large extent determine the accuracy and effectiveness of artificial intelligence. ”

Data areas, Liu Siqi is Aurora pushes the most proud (JPush). Aurora provides SDK,APP developers can call push can be used directly, pushes the finish, In-App IM, payment and other business, then concentrate on their main business.

Aurora currently push push has become the largest third party service provider, service APP exceeds 300,000, has accumulated a large amount of user data, the user has a clear portrait of airbnb, music video, Ju mei, Ying is Aurora’s customer.

Last May, the Aurora pushed millions of dollars won b round of financing by fosun brothers lead investor, IDG and Mandra Capital investment. Dolce Gabbana Cases

Liu Siqi said that in 2015, ahead of Aurora months live only more than 100 million, a year of investment, that number reached 600 million, forming the explosive growth. Based on the accumulated data, companies have been liquidated in such areas as advertising, DMP. Aurora now has become the darling of the capital markets, valuation by more than 5 times within a year.

Deep data areas, Liu Siqi on data services also have their own judgment, no matter how beautiful the data must be valid data have reference value. “Cumulative access and monthly amount, its value is not on an order of magnitude. Data fields “4V” Volume (mass), Velocity (speed), Variety (variety), the Value (value), is the object of, with levels of accumulation, quick update, will form valuable data, to make the right judgments. ” Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

AI (artificial intelligence) the relationship’s development is inextricably linked to data.

Logically speaking, recognition in artificial intelligence and judgment is formed based on the accumulation of large amounts of data.

Liu Siqi analysis, in AI field company of a effective competition barriers is a its algorithm, and component by how many products in specific using (as in application to Chinese voice recognition of APP or products in the, HKUST news fly of market share near 70%), or its products in specific scene in the smooth, and widely run of time length (as Google no car, and big Xinjiang no machine), in run using process in the produced of data for AI of intelligent degree improve vital, with of more more, on more accurate, more intelligent.

In the field of artificial intelligence, fosun brothers Usens (Ling science and technology) and sagitar Poly.

Usens solve the problem of mobile and interactive VR, fosun brothers research report finds that only by addressing these two issues, VR can be consumer products. Senior scientist at the Usens team from Silicon Valley, its technology could be called an international leader.

Dolce Gabbana Cases

Sagitar laser radar’s flagship product is considered to be unmanned vehicles, drones, robots eyes, robot equipped with LIDAR laser radar can rapidly on the environment modeling and obstacle avoidance reactions and decisions. Sagitar technology of hundred-metre accuracy calibration in less than 2 mm, and unmanned vehicles to provide suppliers of laser radar for Google rival VelodyneLiDAR.

It also validated the fosun brothers of the established purposes: only subdivision in the area of “first” or “single”.

Depth: AI Crown shining gem

Depth of field of study is generally considered difficult, in fact, Liu Siqi believes that deep learning will make processing more efficient, and large data will greatly facilitate deep learning and development in the field of artificial intelligence, these three areas are closely linked.

Deep learning machines mimic the human brain neural network for modeling a learning method, data processing, simulation of human thinking ways of learning. Depth study was proposed in 2006, but until the last two or three years, increases the amount of data the data, processing data, improving the capacity of depth is a better place, the industry had explosive growth and rapid.

Liu Siqi said most large data processing does not require deep learning that, in future, use deep learning can make data better. Currently, Facebook and Google’s advertising system to deep learning, Liu Siqi believes that over the next three-year period, with the increase of the total amount of data, some companies provide in-depth step by step learning development tools, advanced learning technology will gradually lower the threshold, the application deep learning will become more and more wide ranging. From infrastructure to process big data Hadoop, and now TensorFlow, deeplearning4J the depth of learning open source platform, there will be more and more companies will enter the ranks of deep learning user. Of course, the first thing to do is data cleaning to remove noise (predicting the invalid data) to refine the raw data, abstracts and merge, eventually forming the desired results.

In the eyes of Liu Siqi, data is not an independent topic. So VC investment data, and cannot be a single focus on the data itself and learning data industry, and large eyes to study and measure the development opportunities in other industries.

From last year to now have never stopped, “winter capital”, and Liu Siqi believes that the current, slowing the overall investment of the capital market, established market funds become more cautious. In addition, listed companies ‘ strategic investment fund, established in the Fund consists of solo investing new funds so many new players on the market. Meanwhile, policy concept of such investment, speculation in the secondary market is cooling. For investors, more need to calm down. Because good projects tend not to be optimistic about in the beginning, its breakthrough model at an early stage is uncertain.

Fosun brothers focused on early stage, Liu Siqi summarized when she invested with a, b, and judged the project’s criteria. First is market enough big; second is must to in this field market of outbreak Eve, because timing very important; next is founder and team, founder must to has drive, and passion, and play and innovation capacity, founder is divided into market sales class talent and technology class talent, former can fast found out market market, which is on market sensitive degrees lower, for such of company, take merger of way exit compared reasonable; left of is commercial mode and operation data. Generally speaking, as long as the three previous conditions are met, business models can be adjusted according to the actual situation, data are certainly not bad.

Deep learning of humanity is an advantage for women investors

After 6 years of work in Hong Kong back to the Mainland, Liu Siqi of entrepreneurial environment and capital markets has obvious differences between the two places. Compared with Hong Kong, the Mainland has more geopolitical and demographic advantages, the Internet business atmosphere is thicker.

Investment banker before working as a seller’s market, and investment institutions, as the buyer, said Liu Siqi, become more objective and rational, “may have done a nice ppt tell customers how good can this now as a buyer, be more objective to evaluate a project. ”

“I belong to that class of more cautious in terms of investment, lead investor of the project is basically no more than a year two, I don’t like to burn the project, for example, need to heavily subsidize the O2O. “This is also in line with fosun brothers of the basic styles, O2O entire venture market and P2P so popular last year, but Fuxing brothers in both sectors to invest in a few.

Some entrepreneurs will assume a lot of scenarios, such as last year’s on-site services and derivatives services, Liu Siqi, after judging that just demand, no investment. “I pass out the very high percentage of projects, some State has even put in to the stage, finally gave up due to some factors, my principles are chosen wisely, not a wide net investment. “Liu Siqi said there will continue to be areas of concern: large, artificial intelligence, Enterprise Services, and Internet banking, the latter would only focus on technical, data-driven cross-gold project, and insurance on the Internet. Meanwhile, consistently cautious style, speed is not affected by changes in the market impact of investment.

Asked as a female investor, whether there will be too many emotional factors which affects my judgement on the project, said Liu Siqi, sensual and not a bad thing, women have delicate, human nature perspective, user habits of observation, is very helpful for investment. Actually many mobile Internet industry development of trend are is with people habits of changes and moving, like from past in Internet browser Shang “found” mainly, to mobile Internet Shang open APP, again to now directly click “push” to phone Shang of message, this are is user behavior of changes trend, deep acquisition humanity of based Shang to made right of judge, this precisely is as women investors of advantage where.

In perceptual judgment at the same time, Liu Siqi prefers data, technology type spell hard power project, a new project investments tend to interview more than 10 technical experts. “To get new technologies to help in the field, technology investment most of the boys, and I as a little white girls more likely to face down ask questions, this is one of the advantages for women investors. ”


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