Google Now or add interest to explore features

Google Now as three personal virtual assistant can add new functionality. According to androidpolice reported, Google may add “interested in exploring” (Explore Interests), to better understand the user’s preferences. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Leaked screenshots show interest in exploring the platform selected as a topic of interest, and are divided into characters, such as sports, movies, music, and the stock, each category has more subcategories below for selection. If the area of interest a news, Google Now will be the first time a reminder. Before this change by searching records to determine user preferences or positioning of passive. But Google said the interest feature is just an experiment.

Google Now or add interest to explore features

But Google to track user preferences, had started many years ago, such as Alerts newsletter service, it is mainly used for quick access to news events. After this function may be adding more daily applications.

Google Now or add interest to explore features

In 2012, the Google I/O Developer Conference, Google Now appeared for the first time. When Google’s commitment is in front of your search you will get the results you want. Now, with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Echo appeared and Amazon, Google would like to become more active and provide a service that the user wants but still boring. Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case


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