Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Most competitors still lingers in the 28nm process technology at the time, Samsung 20nm SoC has quietly listed, first product is Exynos 5430, it carries in some versions of the Galaxy on the Alpha, still using the familiar A15+A7 schema. Today we want to introduce is the Korean version of Galaxy Alpha.


Test is to use Exynos 5430 SM-G850S, namely SK Telecom customized version of Galaxy Alpha, domestic version using mycophenolate mofetil 801.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Galaxy Alpha continues to use environmentally friendly paper packing, but the color changed to grey with dense patterns of ornament.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Some technical features of the back, you can see the Korean version of Galaxy Alpha support LTE Cat.6 technology using eight-core processor, 2G Ram,720P Super AMOLED,1200 megapixel rear-facing camera + 2.1 million front-facing camera, 1860mAh battery


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Open the package, you can see the features of Samsung Galaxy Alpha return products in the past, protective film over the screen marking the key parameters (Galaxy S5 is a transparent protective film).


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Galaxy Alpha has a 4.7-inch screen, relative to the Galaxy s series of generations, looks pretty small.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Galaxy Alpha still has a Samsung logo on the front panel of the characteristics of Galaxy S5 is not round, more masculine lines of the fuselage, closer to the Galaxy S2. 720P of 4.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, and as a result of the Pentile arranged, so the screen compared to the finesse of high-end products, there is still a wide gap between the mainstream. iPhone 6 plus cases hello kitty


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Top is still a network of Xiang Ping and the front panel of the receiver cover, as is the white version, the two sensors and front-facing camera on the right seemed a bit abrupt … With the old saying, this design is too “casual”. White Galaxy Alpha using intensive cross-shaped pattern on the front panel.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Below, entities, flat Home key with fingerprint recognition, flanked with touch buttons, namely, multi task and returns. Entity keys feel quite hard, flexibility is not strong.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Back is flat in the back cover, there is LTE-A X3 (that is, LTE Cat.6 network) as well as Samsung’s brand logo.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Post 12 million pixel camera, with ISOCELL technology, native 16:9 sensor is a led light on the left side lights as well as heart rate detection.


Relative to the Galaxy S5 white rear cover Galaxy Alpha white to appear more pure, more detailed patterns, feels better.


Galaxy Alpha boasts, is Samsung’s first Android phone into a metal box design, which we cannot spray “thousands of plastic”. Samsung’s metal box design is tough, four corners have a thickened, SAG on both sides of the fuselage. Though this is the first metal box in design, but Galaxy Alpha metals technology is relatively mature, metal cutting and polishing are excellent.


Design by SAG on both sides of the fuselage, that is, side buttons, we can also side fuselage. Is the power button on the right side of the fuselage.

Is one designed for the volume keys on the left side of the fuselage.


3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the fuselage, as well as noise-reducing microphone, Galaxy Alpha can be seen at the top of the metal across the fault and the metal parts of the fitting are not doing well.


Speaker settings at the bottom, Central is a micro-USB interface.


Galaxy Alpha while the fuselage only 6.7mm, but still has a removable back cover and the battery of Samsung’s traditional design, but does not support the micro-SD card expansion.


Because of body size and thickness constraints, battery capacity is small, only 1860mAh. NFC coils on the battery.


Galaxy Alpha as well as Samsung’s first handset using Nano-SIM.


We allow Galaxy Alpha and also compared the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches, you can see the Galaxy Alpha is much more compact body design, this is because Apple still adhere to the “three-step” design.


Both are less than 7mm slim body design, cameras were raised.


Metal frame comparison, Galaxy Alpha line tough, while the iPhone 6 is sleek.


Packing second-tier mobile phone accessories.


Spare parts for Korean version of Galaxy Alpha still looked very “conscience”, have a double pair of filled configurations.


Galaxy Alpha is still used by the Samsung TouchWiz, almost identical in function and design as a whole and Galaxy S5 only added two wallpapers.


Fast switch the dropdown bar also features a circular design.


Settings menu, function, Galaxy line S5, but a lack of “Download thruster” (can also use 4G and WiFi networks to speed up downloads) functionality.


Galaxy Alpha system based on Android 4.4.4, kernel version is 3.10.9.

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System does not support the ART modes, but use only 720P, so Galaxy Alpha fluency as a whole is still at a very high level.


Korean domestic Unicom Galaxy Alpha support LTE network, plug mobile cards you can use GPRS.

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Korean version of Galaxy Alpha Exynos 5430 processor, made up of quad-core and quad-core Cortex-A7 Cortex-A15, frequency is a core version is 1.8GHz and 1.3GHz,Cortex-A15 respectively r3p3,GPU and Exynos 5420, Exynos 54,221, are Mali-T628mp6. Exynos 5430 feature is undoubtedly the introduction of 20nm process.


Galaxy Alpha total 2G Ram, power is available within 1G.


32G internal storage capacity, available at 25.8G.


We are also here to do some performance testing, Tutu evaluation version 5.1, the Korean version of Galaxy Alpha ran close to 50,000, the result is very good, because of the low resolution, GPU score-more than 17000.


PI 10 million operation, test the CPU’s floating point performance, Galaxy Alpha with 26 seconds to complete a test, which is a good, He Xiaolong is similar to 801/805.


GBA emulator test is the test of CPU single-core performance, because of the low frequencies, Galaxy Alpha’s performance was not great, relative to the high-frequency A15 200 frames is more gap


1080P 60FPS ref15 video software solutions tested, Galaxy Alpha is more disappointing, even worse than the Exynos 5410, presumably as a result of an eight-core HMP no regulation at all.


RAR test, this test is for CPU cache, and eight-core processors in this test will have a big advantage, Galaxy Alpha received more than 1700KB/s of good grades.


A1 SD Flash memory Test Bench, Galaxy Alpha reading scores have 159.13MB/s, write 82.36MB/s, Galaxy Alpha can be determined using the eMMC5.0 basically, but reading scores are too low, optimization is not good


GFXBench,Galaxy GPU testing Alpha performance amazing, not only significantly more than Exynos 5420/5422, was down 801 Xiao long, but long 805 A8/mycophenolate mofetil is still backward.


3DMark, did not GFXBench eye-catching performance, but the advances are still evident relative to the Exynos 5420/5422.


We are open when running GPU test frequency detection, finding Galaxy GPU with the highest frequency of Alpha 600MHz, increase relative to the Exynos 5420/5422 is not great, performance improvements such significant, presumably to 20nm process, as well as new credit to drive optimization.


Galaxy ISOCELL Alpha equipped with Samsung’s own 12 million pixel camera, sensors of the native 16:9, which in the past did not appear on the product.


Supports up to 3840*2160 the 4K of a video recording, and number of frames 30FPS, Galaxy Alpha ISP performance is very strong.


Photographed in the actual experience, Galaxy 12 million pixel camera Alpha continued the Galaxy S5 features high resolution and low light imaging on even better than the Galaxy S5, focus under low light conditions the success rate is better than Galaxy S5 better using mycophenolate mofetil series processors, use Exynos and 5422 Galaxy similar to the S5. Here are some take the same picture (click to view larger image):

Low light photography (closed image stabilization).

Low light photography (open image stabilization).

More about Galaxy Alpha testing, please continue to follow our detailed review.


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