This is Sweden s clothing care products do not contain fluorescent agents and

This is Sweden's clothing care products not containing fluorescent agents, good for him and her

Clothes make the man, who loves sophisticated design, and support key elements of design, is the process of fabrics, and delicate fabrics. Concomitant with this, while respecting the design, taking good care of clothing, is essential for long.

So, here’s your cool clothes like a Shuangli Zhang he, what do you use to clean?

The secret? Tide? HA HA.


This is from Sweden’s top clothing care brand TANGENTGC, favored by many stars of the fashion industry. TANGENTGC adhere to reasonable care will make clothing more long-term philosophy of life, the main natural laundry care products without additives and fluorescent agents.

Nature’s care, for every piece of clothing to find the most appropriate care.


TANGENTGC EU obtained ECOCERT certified organic and its stringent quality inspection and certification process, so any product bearing the ECOCERT certification marks have become a high quality and good reputation to ensure, for the sake of environmental protection organic recognized and respected by the world.


TANGENTGC cooperation with the high-end, boutique design shops selling, such as j Crew, COS, Centre Commercial Paris … …


Founder of Dawei·samiuersen, says: “my grandfather was a clean the chimneys of the workers, he often makes a person feel sloppy. However, he did dress elegant and maintain a spotless closet day-each set through the clothes will be cleaned and ironed collar; each pair of worn shoes, has to put on his shoes last, then polished and polished. ” VR box glasses


Details such as pursuit of success convincing products!

VR box glasses


Seven kinds of designer products, already love rare full shelves.

① cooperation plate making Gin and clothes detergent, was TANGENTGC shirt with shirt brand A.S.P developed special cleaning product. In particular, it adds Juniper essential oil aroma, protective skin. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

② exquisite clothes detergent, add Orange oil, gentle processing of natural fibers. Product is suitable for all wool, silk, mohair, cashmere and other all natural fiber materials. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

③ Stain Remover stain cleaner, add essence of natural soybean and sunflower, applies to everything, including delicate fabrics such as silk and wool fabrics. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

Black Fabric Softener fabric softener, add peach oil, and Aloe Vera, can effectively reduce the detergent residue and lime deposits. Very suitable for allergies and sensitive skin crowd. This recipe makes clothes very soft easy to iron. Products apply in fine fabric. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

⑤ Denim Wash Jeans clothes detergent, sugar extracting active agents and specially added sweet orange essential oil. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

⑥ Sportswear clothing detergent Detergent movement, the unique odor protection. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store


Sadly, Small Shoe Care Set small shoe care Kit. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store VR Box virtual reality


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