Prepared for Africa Bask in the Sun during the day night insulation crib

Prepared for Africa! Bask in the Sun during the day, night insulation crib

Yes, when most parts of the country are racing to high temperatures, everyone wanted into the refrigerator when you sleep, love rare to discuss the design of a thermal insulation, it is pain.


But the world is like this, such as African, although Tan skin off of solar energy during the day, but JJ and cold at night back 1 cm long – and most of Africa is a place with no air conditioning … …

You can’t stand, what about kids?

Designer Joon Kwon, who brought this baby bed may help anxiety of mothers in Africa.


Structure is simple and looks like a small tub, just let the baby lie in.


Structure is very complicated, outer layer of soft foam, you can let the children sleep very comfortably. Is a polymer gel layer in the Middle, can absorb heat from the Sun and keeping as much as possible.


So what do it do? Words can explain, is to bask in the Sun during the day, evening heat. Moschino case


Designers say, the entire design can ensure that sleep 12 hours of warmth, enough kids were required during the night.


So, you see, baby smile how happy.


Designer: Joon Kwon, Jihye Hong, Insup Yun, Minha Kwon, Keunhee Kim, Usuk Lee, Jihoon Park iPhone Moschino


Moschino case


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