Rich is capricious Rumor Apple to big to buy F1 Championship

Rich is capricious! Rumor Apple to big to buy F1 Championship

Apple has always liked to buy small companies or innovative companies, from computer software companies to a speech recognition company, from map services to semiconductor companies, Apple has always been a word not just buy buy buy, but is closely related to its acquisition of business of the company and Apple. And this acquisition indeed eye-popping: rumors say Apple interested in expensive acquisitions FIA Formula One World Championship (F1)!

It is reported that Apple to buy F1 Championship is to promote the development of Apple Car, and if it took over international events like the F1, then Apple will gain valuable race on the Apple TV broadcast rights.

More importantly, in F1 in the League, with the world’s top car makers like Ferrari, Williams and the team, and Apple Rumors internally codenamed Titan electric vehicle project is being developed, so if we can establish contact with all top of the F1 team, no doubt Apple will build cars play a significant role. Buy F1, Apple will have access to this cutting-edge technology, build Apple products cars.

In addition, if you bought the F1 Championship, Apple could get FIA (FIA) say, they can close the emerging electric car race Formula e, which is essential for Apple car. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

While Apple seems kind of funny to spend big to buy F1 Championship, but this report is not groundless, United Kingdom businessman Bernie Ecclestone sells F1 stake early plans. In 2007, holding nearly 40 years of F1 are interested to 6 billion pounds (about US $ 8.5 billion) 35% stake in the sale of F1, but the deal eventually fell through. Victorias Secret iPhone 5 Case

The rumors, Apple and the F1 Championship has chosen not to comment.

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