Zuckerberg also fear that Internet access was obscured by black tape notebook

Zuckerberg also fear that Internet access was obscured by black tape notebook webcam

If you’re the world’s richest and one of the most influential figures in the field of science and technology, so what do you do to protect yourself from hacker attacks? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), he would seem to be very simple, that is the use of “Scotch tape” to protect themselves. Hello Kitty cases

Hello Kitty cases

Prior to that, Zuckerberg at Facebook posted a photo of a celebrating Instagram reaching 500 million monthly users, and sharp-eyed United States tech blog Gizmodo writer Chris Orison (ChrisOlson) are found in this photo some of Zuckerberg’s “secret”, that’s what Zuckerberg has itself using the Macbook’s webcam and microphone location labeled tape. Hello Kitty case

After all, if your camera and microphone are solid block, no matter how sophisticated hacking tools will be of no avail.

Gizmodo believes that considering that Facebook has been able to profit by collecting user data way fact Zuckerberg’s more or less of this approach is somewhat ironic. However, when when you net worth of up to 38 billion dollars, no matter what you do to protect your privacy, network security seems to be reasonable.

As we all know, Pinterest and Zuckerberg’s Twitter account recently have been black, for the attack in a recent LinkedIn password Zuckerberg login information after the exposure of a massive blowout occur. This would mean that Zuckerberg may have multiple sites using the same password, or his LinkedIn login credentials leaking other site settings the password is easy to guess.

A previously unknown hacker organization Ourmine claimed responsibility, the group said they found Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn passwords password is “dadada”. But the good news is, small in its own products on the left hand on the password and Instagram and his Facebook account on this and not be compromised by hackers.

Source: Tencent


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