Nokia or selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft and Huawei

2012, for a Nokia phone guy who has, more or less miserable. While last year’s flagship phone Lumia 920 some sales, but still difficult to Nokia’s road to recovery.

Keepskor founder and Forbes contributor telisitan·luyisi (Tristan Louis) thought that the mobile industry changed dramatically this year, and Nokia will become the one of the protagonist in the event of major change.

He also said: “perhaps the biggest shock was Nokia quits cell phone market, because the company will move its operations sold to Huawei and infrastructure sectors, so as to better focus on software and services, and other services. With the Nokia Windows Phone 8 of the bet ended in failure, companies such as Nokia and Huawei will see Microsoft bid for its mobile device unit, and will eventually sell its smart-phone group, Microsoft, and other telecommunications business to Huawei. ”

If Nokia really quit mobile phone market, small series, said it was sad, and what our friends think?

Smartisan T1

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Smartisan T1

“Hammer the phone” is a hammer technologies (Beijing) limited design and development of a high-end Smartphone. Using Smartisan based on customized Android OS smartphone operating system.

Flawless cases

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