20 years ago how do people send mail

If you think back to the pre-Internet era, you probably think of the mid 90, that is the Internet from Government and research institutions into the homes of ordinary people the night before. In 1996, approximately 4.5 million people use the Internet in the world, of which about 30 million people in North America, 9 million Europeans, and another 6 million in Asia and Oceania. Lucky is that “Internet” this Act since 1984, has been dramatically simplified.

But on the eve of the Internet into the mainstream, people Internet is it? Recently, we found an 80 United Kingdom Tech program database (Database) of the video. We see from the video, when Internet access is very cumbersome experience bad, can be seen from the huge modem.

In the video, the technology has great interest in the Greens showed how to use a computer connected to the Internet, search the Web and send e-mail.  M & M’S iPhone 5 Case


This process is much more complex than you might think: If you think 90 dials up the noise was unbearable, but at least you don’t need a physical telephone line connected to a computer. In the 90 ‘s, we listen to speech on your modem Internet access. In the 80 ‘s, however, as noted in the video demonstration, you need to use old-fashioned telephone dial-up Internet access.

20 years ago, how do people send mail?

Eventually, they enter the login page has Prestel, 12,344 password is entered. 

Then, they finally boarded a micro-grid (Micronet), Prestel in 1979, this is the Internet pioneers use of visualization technology to launch the Home, allowing you to their television sets for the dedicated Terminal, then using a telephone line connected to a computer to surf the Web. Never heard of this company? Never mind, this company in 1994, it closed down, the peak period in the United Kingdom with 90,000 subscribers.

Yes, it has Prestel companies are at the cutting edge of technology, but seen from the download speeds, they really can’t say much. Only 1200 kilobits per second (not bytes, not megabytes), which explains why Pat Green over the network to the database for the mailbox are not instantly loaded, but the line-by-line loading.

20 years ago, how do people send mail?

Watch this video, it can’t help but sigh in just 20 years, the Internet has developed rapidly. When the host asked why learning computer, sitting out in the modem and crude Prestel Pat Green Lady before so answer: the Internet is the future, I’m not so quickly behind. The foresight of this lady is amazing, they are promoting the continuous development of the Internet’s biggest player.

20 years ago, how do people send mail?
Microsoft Surface 3

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Microsoft Surface 3

New atom performance ARM processors have and top closer, but are worse and the mainstream core of the series by a mile, but taking into account the thermal power of 14W and 2W gap, which is understandable. Use it for routine minor Office enough and finally surface series can also run X86 program! Said performance flaw, is that it does not use the SSD, and broken eggs eMMC 4.5, which even with the eMMc 5.0 modern Android flagship.

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M & M'S iPhone 5 Case


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