If a phone box to enter the VR network of Lei Feng is the originator of domestic

VR so popular, many companies want to play through the boom, then enter the VR. In fact, as the first intelligent hardware media network of Lei feng, knew as early as 2014 VR is a great outlet, we launched in July of that year a VR cell phone–Geekergo Cardboard box. This product currently in Lei feng’s e-commerce platform owned by network geek shopping is still for sale. According to this logic, can be said to Lei feng’s network is one of the earliest companies to enter the VR. Vera Bradley iPhone 6 cases

Estimated that someone might say, “you only according to Google announced plans to buy a Board, lens had a Cardboard, not into VR. “But journalists would say,” a lot of companies make plastic Cardboard say its own VR, why can’t we? ”

It is clear that Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network” public concern) sold a cardboard box does not count into the VR, because if it can, so people can enter the VR–as long as he’s a little ability, you can DIY a Cardboard. So McDonald’s meal boxes made of cardboard boxes should also not be allowed to enter the VR, Taobao of cheap kitchen plastic boxes can’t.

But then again, Gear VR is also a strictly plastic Cardboard, no one will doubt that Samsung did not VR. What is crossing the threshold to enter the field of VR?

Software is more important than hardware

Mainly in the threshold of VR software, including algorithms, optimization, hardware-specific adaptation and so on. Network which is why Lei feng not enter VR–our software which does nothing. In fact, ignore software is many VR company problem.

Such as mirror of the storm, although it has been updated to the 4th generation, but the actual experience is no where better than Cardboard. Because even if the mirror itself to generations of people wearing comfortable, software does not have much actual experience would not have changed much.

There are wearable domestic manufacturers Bong, which recently got 32 million series a financing, and announced into the VR field. Co-founder of topping when it comes to competition, which describes the advantages of Bong:

Already have many manufacturers put into present situation of VR field, topping said, VR in the end was a consumer wearing a comfortable, wearable device of the premise is still wearing it, this is where the Bong has significant advantages compared to other manufacturers.

–NetEase science and technology

Vera Bradley phone case

Did smart bracelet Bong may be more ergonomic than other manufacturers to make more comfortable wearing VR helmets, but it was hardly “significant advantages”, worn on the hand and worn on the head is really the same thing?

Hundreds of domestic VR helmet company, but most of them are not to sell a few units, is ultimately due to the lack of software of interest, no way to provide a better experience for the user. In contrast, Cardboard manner on a hardware product, has sold more than 5 million, showing the importance of software.

Most VR helmet companies will die

There is a phone box is doing better than Cardboard taste better, it is Gear VR. Although the two basic principles are the same, but more optimized Gear VR, including adaptation of several high-end phones, targeted Android system optimization, as well as helmets have built-in sensors, and so on.

China has not lost on the hardware quality Gear VR VR helmet, such as birds look at the launch of the Pico1, it works excellent, comfortable, but the experience is not as good as Gear VR, which also caused by software issues. Specific reasons can be read from Lei feng’s network for the bird see CEO Interview with Zhou Hongwei articles of the domestic manufacturers of frustration: why is VR phone box, doing is not as good as the Samsung. Vera Bradley phone case

VR domestic manufacturers really wiped out yet? Or maybe not. Lei Feng network reporter believes that is something to look forward to these companies and products:

1, Huawei, millet VR helmet. As cell phone manufacturers, they are the subject of Samsung, specific adapter for mobile phone, system optimization, and so on;

2, venture company doing custom VR OS Fireworks workshop and the magic mirror is remarkable. Fireworks Act-1 external gyroscope, a fan, and adaptation to different mobile phones to do targeted;

3, VR machine. One machine actually do more easily than phone box, because all control in the hands of manufacturers of hardware and software, easier to optimize.

4, if you know that there are other better domestic VR companies and their products, tell us.

In the field of mobile VR, this company may be the home eventually survived several, most will die. Magic mirror VR CEO Zhang Shubin believes that end pattern could have been two or three big companies + two or three start-ups.

Therefore, Lei feng’s network suggest companies enter the VR: Cardboard experience is not perfect, but it’s a threshold, if you can’t make a better product experience, perhaps it should be considered as Lei feng’s network and Mattel do, out of a cardboard box would be nice.

Responsible editor: CEN Feng

Source: developers.Google.com,Samsung.com

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