Can t endure Bags of chips so much air do

  Believe that many of my friends have this experience: when I opened a pack of swelling of chips, with the air inside the package after the escape, watching only a few slices of potato chips and a little debris, is not feeling very angry? feel are “profiteers” cheating?

  And now, this waste of space the artist hengli·hagelifusi has become a research direction. He said: “after buying chips for several years in a row, I spend money on disappointing behavior very dissatisfied. Food packaging pictures on just a fantasy to consumers. ” iPhone Vans case

iPhone Vans case

Can't endure! Bags of chips so much air do?

  Hengli·hagelifusi said: “in my imagination, bags of potato chips in the air content to be 50%, however, that the actual number was 87%. “The artist place the bag of chips into the water, draining method is used to calculate the overall volume, and then vacuum sealed approaches to measuring the volume of another thing in the bag, and then compare the differences between them.

  In fact, bags of potato chips containing is not a common air, but nitrogen because oxygen in the air will cause the chips soften, and nitrogen, making chips even longer shelf life. A 1994 study showed that nitrogen let more delicious potato chips. iPhone Vans case

Can't endure! Bags of chips so much air do?

  Worth noting is that this is not the first time consumers feel that potato chip manufacturers use packaging for short Jin. In 2012, the United Kingdom chip manufacturer Christian voelkers (Walkers) used on social networks to promote their production of a potato chip products, and some consumers found that only 5 pieces in a large package of potato chips.

  Christian voelkers United Kingdom broadcasting company (BBC) Watchdog consumer protection programs, said during the production and transportation process, filled with air is very necessary protective measures, and nitrogen not only provides cushion also allow the chip to adapt to external changes in atmospheric pressure.

Can't endure! Bags of chips so much air do?

  However, Owen Hargreaves in his potato chip experiment found that a is not the same phenomenon, he said: “I thought the air prevents the chips break, but on the contrary, high air content instead of fragile is more serious. I find that vacuum sealing is the most effective way of shipping and handling, chips will not be broken. ”

  Owen Hargreaves through experiments, also found the most serious problems: the air in potato chip bags make transportation of chips become very low efficiency, this is bad for environment. For example, using more than 100 trucks carrying more chips of HIV/AIDS, 86 truck was not necessary, transport of vehicles increased mean an increase in carbon emissions.

Can't endure! Bags of chips so much air do?

  Moreover, not only contains a lot of air in the bag of chips, drums. Hargreaves said: “I used to think that Pringles are cost-effective chip products, because it uses a barrel, should more than bags of potato chips with some. And when I open only to find that I was too naïve. ”

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