Google I m feeling curious you ll come forward

Google I'm feeling curious you'll come forward

  Google recently except update has more beautiful fashion of Logo zhiwai, also for Google search released has a new function, dang user in search bar in the entered “I’m feeling curious (I is curious)”, so Google on will to you served Shang you zhiqian not know, but is interesting of knowledge (unless you himself itself is a this encyclopedia, so on not no you not know of knowledge).

  United States tech blog SiliconBeat has tested the first three search results are as follows:

  1. short message service (SMS) concept was developed by fulideheiermu·xilebulande (Friedhelm Hillebrand) and bonade·jierbate (Ghillebaert) developed out of the Franco-German GSM cooperation in 1984. First text messages by the Telecom group before the Sema Group Telecoms developer nier·papuwosi (Neil Papworth) issued.

  2. James Garfield (James Garfield) is a United States first left-handed President in history, he can with one hand and Latin, the other hand and Greece.

  3. normal adults to 206 the number of bones, which does not include many small, varied seeds and small bone.


  It is to be noted that, just collected from Internet Google search “facts”, but not necessarily to review their validity.

  Google also offers a “next question” button after you click, you will get an interesting knowledge, this is a good way to pass the time, playing playing learned a lot of knowledge.

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  Google new Logo on Twitter a few days ago-searched, causing a large number of non-technology enthusiast’s attention. For the new Logo, pay attention to IT, and digital users, more compact, flat design is obvious. And users usually do not pay much attention to IT industry that, like children in the graffiti on the Blackboard.

  As you can see, the new Logo, more concise, more modern feel. Great logo blue “g” icon, being replaced by common sans-serif fonts. Kate Spade iPhone 6 Plus Case

Google I'm feeling curious you'll come forward

  In Google’s view, the new Logo represents Google new vision, new services, and new experiences.

  When the news was announced on the official Google blog detailing why Google had to make a change. Now Google has gone from the first designed specifically for a PC browser, turn on a variety of devices connected to different inputs on the world.

  Google new Logo design, the design team explained once again emphasized the concept of Google to pass: in the beginning, Google’s website design is very simple: in white stands out in the middle of the page the search input box on top of it, it is unique and colorful Google logo. Is the continuous development of science and technology, the page is constantly changing, input methods and user needs are constantly changing. New and used equipment and means of communication are emerging, especially in wearable device, speech technologies, and smart devices, and so on. Users are now using a variety of devices logged in Google, and we should also be in the Home they are looking for concise and interesting to the user, so that it can embrace the opportunities presented by the different devices and platforms.

  Google is a company that often replace the Logo, 6 times in 17 years Logo, each a replacement that fits the aesthetic of the time, such as now with the flat design is beautiful, so Google’s Logo also changed with the times. Despite Google’s Logo change, but stick with a color Logo design, Logo recognition is very high.

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Collection is the collection of 1542

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