Three body keyboard easily surpass 30 years on hand speed

Do you hand speed fast enough?

If you are a veteran Otaku or rot women, in many cases, you probably already know, speed is an important factor affecting the overall situation in the world, national livelihood. Critical moment of time running around in circles, has a device that lets you as a God, that is definitely a nice thing. King’s Assembly may be a product that can take you, it put the mouse, keyboard, perfect game operating lever 3 device together, use it you don’t have to switch between mouse and keyboard, all movements are smooth and instantly seamlessly.

Ergonomic design Moschino iPad Air Case

King’s Assembly is equipped with a laser sensor red shaft mechanical keyboard, see this strange-looking keyboard you will be very uncomfortable, because it looks like a regular keyboard is a bit big difference. Development lab Solid Art Libs claim that they studied the shapes and outlines of human hands, research hands how to move work, along with specific people in mice, keyboard, rocker, the principle of grasping and manipulation, they eventually found a way to not use your finger to move the mouse method: induction of throughout the Palm to maintain precise control of the mouse. Meanwhile, users can also liberate fingers to keyboard input. They keyboard was designed with wavy grooves is very close to the Palm shape.

This keyboard only contains 70 keys, are divided into left and two parts, each part has 30 traditional keys, 5 thumb buttons and a joystick. 2 for Pixart-9800 laser sensor mouse settings reset about rocker in addition to gaming can also act as a mouse scroll wheel. No matter which is your dominant hand, it can adapt. Certain keys can be used as a key in a key function, when you press a special key other key then you can optional features, so you can get a total of 139-key mappings. These two are factory preset and then the function keys of the keyboard mapping, but you can still customize their mapping functions according to your demand, developers claim that no key mapping conflicts.

High compatibility

Through the USB connection, no additional battery installed, do not install the driver, King’s Assembly compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, all operating systems, Linux, this means that the Tablet, PC can even use it to control. Left and right independent of USB interfaces support is used alone or in combination. In addition, the King’s Assembly material is never ambiguous, within each key is from Cherry’s original mechanical axis, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of peripheral input keyboard.

King’s Assembly has now raised over, raising unprecedented funds reached 1195% of the target amount, raised in is unprecedented in history. King’s Assembly is now entering the retail stage, the price is $ 275, a mechanical keyboard, do you think you do?

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Smartisan T1

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Smartisan T1

“Hammer the phone” is a hammer technologies (Beijing) limited design and development of a high-end Smartphone. Using Smartisan based on customized Android OS smartphone operating system. Moschino iPad air cases

Moschino iPad Air Case

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