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Get gestures moving Android review

Referred to gestures, I have to say is the Plam webOS, as forerunners of the gesture, the gesture appears to be indeed brought different experiences to consumers. But the fate of webOS, but did not celebrate her success, after HP acquisition was announced to give up. As webOS fan me, because too few software, had to be moved to other operating systems, for which I’ve been looking … …

On the Android platform, which 3.0 was released, bringing virtual buttons, although the advantages of liberation the entity key, but at the expense of screen sizes, as well as the degree of beauty, why Samsung has no virtual buttons on the phone, should care a bit. People who like beautiful, must have hated the stuff, then we came to liberate us screen, make the machine look more beautiful.

First of all, needs is an Android with virtual keys (without lines) phone or tablet, and root.

The first step requires GMD gesture control software, after the opening, the first page is the default for GMD, we can choose one of your own gestures touch mode and then make the switch. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Get gestures moving Android review

The second page is a custom sign set, click on create a custom sign.

Get gestures moving Android review

Then enter the name sign.

Get gestures moving Android review

Then sign route, click on the sign routes that a question mark behind, follow the prompts and enter gestures, slide up and then slide to the right and then slide up, for example, is U-R-U.

Get gestures moving Android review

After that, we then select the touch points, as well as the touch area.

Get gestures moving Android review

Finally, select this action.

Get gestures moving Android review

Of course there are many settings need not be explained one by one here, all written in Chinese, they can see clearly, according to their own needs, can customize their degree is quite large. 

Give their advice, if it is a small-screen mobile phone, or is the right hand of Android devices can operate with one hand, then at the set time, you can take care of right hand operation, after all, under appearance, but also convenient. I say I set the routes:

Get gestures moving Android review

Second, we need to hide virtual buttons. Using File Manager root Explorer, open the root directory of the system where the build.prop file, joining the QEMU.HW.mainkeys=1 in the last line, after restart, and virtual buttons disappear, if you want to recover, and that instead of entering QEMU.HW.mainkeys=0, restart again appeared. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Get gestures moving Android review

If you think the trouble, you can download fullnexus4 software, after installation open, choose full screen service, other options do not move to save the settings and then restart, and virtual buttons disappear.

Get gestures moving Android review

The third step, into its installed software to the test to see whether there is a conflict, if there are conflicts, make the change. GMD is still rich set of gestures, or operating under more than one gesture back to the home page of the key (need not), avoid gestures could not get out of the conflict.

The fourth step, you can take your mobile phone with your friends to show off, really cool gestures.

Summary although the gesture was beautiful, convenient, but drawbacks too, because Android operating system and the system software is not like those the primary gesture operations, so sometimes there is a conflict, and cannot be returned, only if you choose to restart, of course, as long as the conflict is found, adjust and test all the software you use, then there would be no problem.

Like tossing friend may wish to give it a try, the effect is very good.


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine


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