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4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

When most people use 3G time, 4G is here. Most people seem to think that 4G is far away from us, but 4G has actually came to our side. As China Mobile’s TD-LTE commercial test, 4G by the people to understand. But now few can purchase to TD-LTE phones on the market, while FDD-LTE has yet to open in the country. However, several major operators in Hong Kong have upgraded to 4G, can make us a 4G addiction.

Operators in Hong Kong have upgraded to 4G, but only the SmarTone (SmarTone) supports the use of stored-value cards LTE network, that is, to visit Hong Kong if visitors want to experience 4G, you can only select SmarTone prepaid cards, small series as “tourists” also have to select the stored-value card, SmarTone.


Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 4 Case

Small purchase a SmarTone 48 HK dollars stored-value card, stored value card in Hong Kong can use lower prices to win on Taobao.

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience
4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

From the charges, stored value card in Hong Kong is not cheaper than the Mainland, but think about 24 bucks can be used all day unlimited 4G, still a bit.


There is a stored-value card is not LTE network, said support for LTE is the best iPhone5, if you want to use other manufacturer’s mobile phone, be sure to note whether purchased version supporting LTE. So small way to buy the iPhone5.

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

Phone card in a mobile phone, cellular mobile 3G switch into the LTE switch in the network, check the LTE signal well after.

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

Small series of science a little knowledge for everybody, if operators are shown next to the 4G on the iPhone, the connection is not really 4G, but HSPA+, and is only displayed until LTE connected 4G network. An example of this used t-mobile (United States), iPhone5, although LTE switch is open, but the show is 4G, there is no connected to the LTE network used is 3G.

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience


Before results were released measuring velocity, small series to let you look at Hong Kong’s network. Network in Hong Kong is not as you think coverage comprehensive, cheap rates, fast. Instead, there will even be no service in many places in Hong Kong; comparable tariff with China, but taking into account the income of Hong Kong people, and is much better than city, speed is not too optimistic, often signals the network wasn’t working, is also difficult to achieve the theoretical value.

Speed connection, we use the Speedtest to test, the device remains iPhone5.

Location 1: Pearl

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

Location 2: Tuen Mun Town Centre, 60X bus stop Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 4 Case

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

Location 3: Tuen Mun B3X bus station

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience


After reading the above three results, most people should draw “weak burst” conclusions, which is even worse than North China Unicom Guangdong, Shenzhen and Hangzhou 3G, but according to me the beginning of popular science, the rate in Hong Kong is already very good, or not? See SmarTone 3G speed (Tuen Mun B3X platform).

  Hello Kitty Note 4

4G is here! Hong Kong's SmarTone LTE experience

In view of this, LTE in Hong Kong is still very useful, at least in high speed, watch videos, and upload photos. 3G into this 2G can see it.


LTE compared to WCDMA, under the same frequency bands provide more stable service to more people. In densely populated Hong Kong, the operators to upgrade network is very positive. However for domestic, Unicom in line city has cover has DC-HSPAP,42Mbps of down has enough at this stage of using, just to strengthening service and cover then again reduced tariff on can mixed have wind; telecommunications although took with tragedy of CDMA, but United States of Verizon and Japan of Au are can as learning of object, also without too too worried future of development; most sad urged of Dang is mobile has, GSM network pressure no reduced, Didn’t take disability TD-SCDMA competitive, can only bet on the TD-LTE. Commercial trials but as mobile in the near future, we can also experience 4G in the country.


First to members readers apologized, in wrote articles Shi, I is first wrote text draft again distribution figure, distribution figure to looks so selected has most fast of 3 a results out, and wrote text Shi see of is original data, average rate in 14Mbps around, and LTE due of rate difference too much, and Unicom 3G (HSPAP and DCHSPAP) can easily reached this rate, so obtained has “weak burst has” of conclusion. Small series of test once again to Hong Kong again in the near future, use OFCA test in Sheung Shui, LTE download speeds 13913kbps, upload download speed 4950kbps,3G speed 7329kbps upload 895kbps. Direct download, LTE has a stable 1.7MB/s speed 3G 1.4MB/s speed. Use the SpeedTest you often download speed of 0 results. Since speed is affected by the influence of many factors such as base stations and lines, so speed is only for reference only “me” experience of time by using LTE in Hong Kong.


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