Samsung and Microsoft development with HoloLens

Samsung and Microsoft development with HoloLens

On May 14, according to the Korea Media Korea Times reported, Samsung might be interested in cooperation to jointly develop HoloLens and Microsoft.

VR box helmet

Earlier this year, Microsoft issued augmented reality helmet HoloLens, this is Windows based Holographic computing platform to integrate embedded in the natural user interface enhancement/virtual reality equipment. Wrote in the report, although Samsung had Oculus launch Gear and virtual reality company VR, has recently launched a new version of “the Innovation Edition”, but Samsung is still looking forward to working with Microsoft made clear standard products. VR box helmet

Noted in reports that Samsung tried to use Microsoft technologies to build applications in the medical and health field of wearable device, and 3D printing and 3D rendering techniques with the help of the promotion of new products. This cooperation will help Microsoft to speed up HoloLens equipment production and further reduce costs. At present, the company has not been an official response to this cooperation. VR Box


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