Vertu considering pushing Smart Watch want to continue Vertu DNA

Vertu considering pushing Smart Watch want to continue Vertu DNA

  Luxury mobile phone brand Vertu phone prices are usually released as astronomical, in front of it, you’d think even the iPhone is cheaper.

  Recently, rumors, Vertu also seems to want to enter the field of wearable device. Don’t know Vertu introduced a watch, it’s where prices will go higher. Just Cavalli iPhone 6

  Watch industry emerging, such as the Vertu luxury brands now not later, because it does not need to be like Samsung Gear s or Huawei Watch needs to seize the general consumer market.

  The brand Vertu was owned by Nokia, 2012, Nokia Vertu brand 90% sale to Sweden investment company EQT.

  Vertu said the wearable market will be the next target. Vertu CEO Max Pogliani wearable device market statement: “for me, this is an interesting market, I think it will gradually mature and worthy of our consideration. ”

  Max Pogliani, Vertu won’t launch in the near future for wearable devices. So I want to buy a Vertu high rich handsome watch and go to Switzerland to buy a watch.

  Vertu brand occupies a unique position in the market of luxury and technology, this can be considered to be high cold up top, Max Pogliani think now too early to wearable devices.

  The “Vertu will find a place in this area, this is the issue that is now. For us, it will not be just another Vertu products, it needs to be in terms of design, material and function continues Vertu’s DNA. “Max Pogliani said.

  Vertu’s DNA is what? We look at the New Signature Touch cell phones will be able to know. This is a Smartphone powered by Android operating system, and hardware all craftsmen hand-built, using high sophisticated materials, such as lizard, crocodile skin, and Sapphire. Vertu users can also enjoy VIP courteous reception, meet the needs of any user. Just Cavalli iPhone 6

  Max Pogliani believes that Vertu luxury element does not just design, in addition to design, but also service. Our customers receive is the relationship between people, rather than the relationship between man and machine. I don’t like Siri dialog, I want to talk to real people, he was able to meet my requirements.

  Future, such VIP exclusive Vertu-level services will apply to wearable devices remains unclear. Vertu is also considering the question.

  ”We will see many luxury brands–I’m not saying Apple, I said, is a real luxury brand. I feel sorry for they rush into the market. And your enemy is sleeping, it is a very, very dangerous thing. “Max Pogliani said.

  Some analysts believe, Max Pogliani this passage implies that the Hermes and Apple’s cooperation. Earlier this month, on the Apple product launches in the fall, Apple introduced Hermes version Apple Watch.

  Maybe Max Pogliani in regret for Hermes, but think that Apple has done the right thing.

Just Cavalli iPhone 6

  He said: “Apple is trying to broaden the appeal of the wearable device market. What they do is right. ”

  Now, Apple and Hermès have not responded on this issue.

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