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Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

Escalating as the Smartphone hardware, prices dropped sharply, leading to the popularity of smartphones in the world launched a massive and covered. If this continues, competition in the cell phone industry will be intensified, could eventually make the whole industry reshuffle. So, domestic mobile phone manufacturers in order to survive in the international brands of competition between? in the year 2013, we have seen many successful cases, mostly in cooperation with business, were pushing high quality, cost-effective smartphones. Juicy Couture iPhone plus 6 cases

Com: jifeng network Li Xiawei

TCL group company limited is one of the global scale of consumer electronics companies, during the middle of 2013, Jingdong Mall together launched a customized cell phone–Idol x, configure the machine not only has a slim body, strong, thousand-Yuan price, also granted to “stuff” the name, making it at the time access to a vast number of online shoppers and recognition. Recently, TCL has launched an upgraded version of the idol x–Idol X+ (stuff gun 2), following on the 2013 is served by the author for all TCL mobile collector for detailed evaluation.

Appearance: 5.0 inch screen, 7.9 mm body

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) is not only a big-screen fashion Smartphone, as well as subsequent upgrades of dongdong gun, similar in shape to a previous slightly, but the screen size and resolution remain the same, this machine features a 5.0 inch 1080P resolution of the screen, the whole display is very clear. In addition, this machine also has a 7.9 mm thin fuselage and 1.9 mm ultra narrow borders.

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) 1080P large 5.0 inch screen

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) front facing 2 million pixel camera

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) and three function keys

In screen design at the top of the front-facing camera, light distance sensor and the receiver, front-facing camera is equipped with 2 million pixels, you can provide consumers with HD camera and a video call function. Below the screen are three touch-function keys, from left to right respectively, return key, home key, menu key.

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) back to the integrated design

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) back to the integrated design, the back cover is not removable, built-in battery design. Is at the top on the back of a 13 million-pixel HD camera, the camera’s noise microphone and LED fill light, respectively; the TCL brand in the middle of the back cover.

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) the top of the fuselage

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) post 13 million pixel camera

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) Micro USB data port

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) the SIM card slot 1

Eight-core core + health bracelets TCL Idol X+ reviews

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) the SIM card slot 1, the volume control keys

Appearance summary: through the display presented above, TCL Idol X+ (S960T) not only stylish in appearance, also has three characteristics, namely 5.0-inch HD screen, 1.9 mm ultra narrow borders, 7.9 mm thin body. And in left and right side of the fuselage set the SIM card slot, dual SIM card, dual function brings very good convenient for mobile consumers.

System: based on the Le frog OS5 interface for Android 4.2

In terms of system, TCL Idol X+ (S960T) Le frog OS5 operating system preinstalled, the system is based on the Android4.2 depth of customization, interface not only more beautiful than the original Android, also uses a new tiled desktop integration, so that consumers can feel in the operation easier, more trials, more natural systems experience.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) lock screen

Lock screen: in the design of the interface is very simple and easy to operate, in addition to displaying the time, date, weather, can also be used for calls and text messages quickly. Way to unlock is to click on the rings in the middle of the screen, slide the unlock is done down.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) system home page

Systems home page: abandon cumbersome Android native interface, the tile display mode uses a new integrated, very intuitive application tiling system displays on the desktop, supports widgets and folders collation features. In addition, the desktop also supports floating editor, from screen to move multiple icons simultaneously, and supports icons automatically looking for new space.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) voice Assistant, task management

Task management: long press the home button to bring up the soul voice Assistant, long press the menu key to bring up the Task Manager. Le frog OS5 Task Manager interface, in addition to programs running in the background can be toggled on/off operation, and can also view data flow, system clock, system optimization, flashlight turned on.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) the notification Center

Notice: a double page design, default notification page is open, click on the button to the upper right corner of the screen, you can jump to the second page, on this page are mainly distributed shortcut button with the phone include: flight mode, battery power, WLAN, hotspots, Bluetooth, etc.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) dialing and text messaging

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) local and Online topics

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) support Xpress for theme DIY

System Summary: TCL Idol X+ (S960T) Le frog OS5 pre-installed operating system, not only provides consumers with a new experience in the operation, the system also supports the ever-changing themes, can download it theme shop very impressive, beautiful theme, and also supports themes free to change functions, allowing users to their own DIY your own page.

Performance: eight-core MT6592, clock speed 2.0GHz

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) the hardware configuration is: mediatek MT6592 eight-core processor, 2.0GHz frequency 2GB RAM+16GB ROM; integrated Mali-450 MP4 700MHz GPU. Among them, the MT6592 made up of 8 core Cortex-A7 using TSMC’s 28nm process technology, highest frequency can reach 2GHz.

MT6592 (MTK6592) an eight-core processor uses big. LILLTE structure, made up of eight core Cortex-A7, manufacturing technology to 28nm, core frequencies between 1.7-2GHz, display chip Mali-450, LPDDR2 supports dual-channel 1066. 28nm process technology, and its predecessor 20% power consumption will be reduced. MT6592 processor Mali-450MP4 graphic processor, mediatek was removing the graphics processor clock speed up to 700MHz, an eight-core than overall performance improvement of dual-core models 60%, image processing 50%. Eight-core processor focus on performance is rather low. Chip clock speed can reach 2GHz, test score over 30,000 points.

An Tutu is a special mobile scoring software for Android devices, the current latest version is V4.0, the new Ann Tutu can be a key to complete, UE test (multitasking and virtual machine), CPU performance test, RAM memory test, 2D/3D graphics performance tests as well as the data storage I/O performance. By rabbit reviews, you can get equipment items and the overall score, to determine the performance level of hardware. Rabbit score: 31082.

VELLAMO tests: baseline measurement is a Web page, the software can evaluate browser performance on Android devices. Vellamo provides the performance and stability of the browser with a full score, including networking, scripting, rendering, and user experience. Combined with industry standard and custom test scores to an Android device in the form in the Web browsing capability. VELLAMO tests: HTML 2113, METAL 802.

NeanMark2: hardware acceleration for Android devices is a benchmark through shows a real-time rendering of the screen to test the graphics capabilities of the phone, including reflection, dynamic shadows, surface parameters, complex light patterns, such as content, requiring more than Android 2.0 system, and OpenGL ES 2.0 support. NeanMark2 test results: 54.4fps. Juicy Couture iPhone 6 Plus Case

Performance summary: TCL Idol X+ (S960T) has eight nuclear-sure enough 2.0GHz MT6592 really very tough, in the various test links above are excellent, and the ability to compete with the international brand’s flagship mobile phone.

Photograph: front rear 2 million, 13 million pixels

In the shooting, the TCL Idol X+ (S960T) uses a dual-camera design, front-mounted a 2 million-pixel camera can provide consumers with HD camera and video call needs, primary camera with 13 million pixels and equipped with rear LED fill light, and most photos of the 4096×2304 pixel dimensions.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) system of built-in shooting program interface design is simple, but very convenient in operation, not only separate the photos and video footage of the button also added the function of weather seals.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T)-camera proofs

TCL Idol X+ (S960T)-camera proofs

TCL Idol X+ (S960T)-camera proofs

Shot summary: through over machines real shot, you can see that TCL Idol X+ (S960T) was very good in the photos, whether in normal shooting, shooting pictures taken, and macro shots, finally shooting proofs are very clear.

Accessories: dulife Boom Band health bracelets

TCL Idol X+ compared with the previous generations products, this time as its official standard smart bracelet accessories, the bracelet is Dulife Baidu cloud platform Boom of the first intelligent bracelet band, it is not only a mobile phone the perfect partner, but can become independently mobile health devices and feature-rich user-friendly.

Official standard TCL Idol X+ Boom band smart bracelet

Official standard TCL Idol X+ Boom band smart bracelet

Boom Band using a special method of vine water soluble titanium Silicon material manufacturing, pioneered a unique separation of kernel and wristband designs. Can be connected to the TCL idolX+, provides call SMS alarm alert, can automatically switch motor sleep mode, can achieve a step counter, can also detect sleep quality. Boom near-field anti-lost Band also has a unique feature, bracelet and mobile phone after pairing, more than ten meters between the two will be reminded, and powerful transmissions.

Official standard TCL Idol X+ Boom band smart bracelet

Official standard TCL Idol X+ Boom band smart bracelet

Boom band smart bracelet software settings interface

Boom health bracelet Band has four main functions, namely: health record, remind and lost sleep monitoring, anti-call reminders.

Health in mind: can automatically identify not only a brisk walk, walking, running, jogging and other exercise, and recorded data anywhere, anytime, through the cloud algorithm for analysis of health indicators.

Polysomnography: Smart sleep monitoring, you can accurately judge the quiet sleep, turn, usually brief State of waking sleep, and gives precise sleep improvement plan.

Anti-lost reminder: when the phone is beyond the range of consumers is set, it will be the first to remind you.

Call remind: setting up contacts, important incoming call vibration alert, gentle vibrations awaken in the morning to consumers.

In addition, the Boom Band health bracelet also features a detachable waterproof, IP67 waterproof level support let you enjoy colorful wristbands for fusion Japan law rattan water-soluble titanium Silicon material manufacturing companies. Scope and object but also to set up a data sharing, allowing consumers to share health data in the cloud, and friends around PK sports rankings.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) network support for the TD-SCDMA+GSM dual-mode dual SIM dual standby

In terms of battery life, TCL Idol X+ (S960T) fuselage built 2500 mAh high capacity battery, because the rear of the fuselage cover cannot be demolished, all consumers are their battery replacement cannot be made. In normal conditions of use, this machine can meet the time of a day and a half of consumers, including 5.5 hours of video playback, 4 hours of game running.

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) fuselage built in 2500 mAh high capacity battery

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Evaluation summary

TCL Idol X+ (S960T) is a great smart phone, which not only look stylish and beautiful, clear the screen, also feature 2.0GHz frequency of eight-core processor is the industry-leading level of configuration in the hardware configuration. In addition, this phone also packed in the official sales intelligent health bracelet, allows consumers to use the phone’s case, but also more intuitive understanding of their own health, for consumers to create a different kind of new intelligent life.

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