Persado automatically generates a compelling text copywriting job losses

Persado automatically generates a compelling text, copywriting job losses

If you are a proficient in writing good copy for marketers, you may want to learn a job skill. New York start-up company Persado provides users with a system based on artificial intelligence, to create for e-mail, Web pages and other marketing activities in the most effective copywriting. Recently, the company received a $ 21 million series b financing.

Persado CEO Alex Vratskides believe that they can generate the language that drives people to action. Persado semantic algorithm uses language analysis systems, and improving the effectiveness of the results and statistical machine learning technology.

At present, Persado focuses on e-mail copywriting is the core and most parts of the action. But theoretically, Persado can be applied to any great persuasive text, fast feedback.

“Convince Automation”

Persado pointed out that their potential is not limited to e-mail, can also be used to make convincing patient compliance with physician order messages, used to persuade people to pay their bills, and persuade people to obey, or convince someone online dating.

In the current system for e-mail, Persado use of natural language generation technology outputs up to 16 versions of the language. It also generates 100 to 600 letters long action messages. Persado be combined with generated by the platform language, set the mood with users requirements, functional description and format elements to generate messages. Marketing staff only need to write the rest of the email copy.

Persado is one of the key uses to generate an e-mail header, because the headlines are usually determines whether the e-mail message is opened. For example, Persado the system will build and test the effectiveness of different titles:

It’s out of this world! [Mobile phone name] drop 25%

Now or never–[phone name] drop 25%

Enjoy the [mobile phone name] 25% new discount Fendi case

Open [phone name] give you exclusive discounts!

Persado automatically generates a compelling text, copywriting job losses

Wheel of emotions

Persado system (or claim to know) what language what emotions, and give the user an emotional Roulette to display a phrase will give readers the kind of emotions, such as anxiety, exclusive feel, the guilt, excitement, a sense of accomplishment or encouragement. After all, emotions are the driving force behind many successful sales activities. FENDI iPhone 6+

Vratskides said that Persado copy in the possibility of human action, and “defeat the possibility of written text in 95%, allows sales increased from 30% to 200%.”

FENDI iPhone 6+

Persado was founded on December 12, 2012, currently has more than 50 worldwide have more than one “global top 500 enterprises” customers, last won a $ 15 million series a financing. This new financing will be used to recruit more salespeople to form a human marketing sector (which is a bit ironic). Funds also will be used to expand the product line to the search terms, Facebook page, or on the landing page.

There is a problem, Persado and similar systems will make a digital copy of unemployment? Vratskides think, “absolutely not.” Marketers can write around the text, he also points out that marketers can use Persado to center the text. “Persado replace luck, random things. ”

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