Offline experience Saturday and one plus zero distance x Product Manager

Offline experience: Saturday and one plus zero distance x Product Manager

Although I have had a lot of headphones, but at home listening to music using only the speakers, I don’t know if anyone will have the same feeling with me–with headphones or earphones to listen to music and speakers are two senses. Wearing headphones or earphones to listen to the music field built directly in the head, the outside world seems itself into another world, around a lot of things disappeared. Speakers, sound outside your body to build sound and reach your ears, I put the headphones, earphones, speakers, players, amplifiers and other equipment known as “music of the container”.

Com: a penchant for Digital Alliance member Ann (Twitter @ digital _ Andy) contributions.

As a listener, a good set of “container of music” I feel it is necessary. This somewhat like drink wine, Cup is is about of, ancient also said “grape wine cups” said is cups Sheng wine is beauty; with Cup Sheng good wine, we can touch to wine cold of temperature, see wine beautiful of color, smell to she of aroma, clink Shi can heard Cup issued of crisp sound, that is good of “container” let we in drinking of when except taste of enjoy, also get has touch, and hearing, and smell, and Visual Shang of enjoy.

Put this theory moved to listening to sound Shang, seems to both some common, open CD machine, took out himself collection is long of album, see has began faded of cover, plug into cabin, began heard disc accelerated turned of blare sound, by Xia play press, touch with volume knob adjustable big volume, gaze with black of speaker, music slowly of sounded……. this process is very enjoy of.

Most importantly when the volume up when you can feel the sound waves in driving the air shocks, that rushing feeling, sometimes even feel the hairs on the skin are quivering, such experiences are obsessed with!

Use earplugs or headphones to listen to music, and “straw” directly out of the bottle of wine is very similar to this many feel has gone, and a good speaker, I would like to dress similar wine “cups”, what do you think?

Onkyo HiFi stereo CS-N755 desktop box

Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review
Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review

Today to everyone introduced of this sets Music Center from Japan manufacturers Onkyo Ann bridge, often see I post of listening to friends will know Onkyo of earplugs and headphones I are has, if you seriously of understand had this manufacturers of history and it of products, on not difficult was it by attract, this 1946 created of company to today has has 68 years of history, is very minority to today also insisted constantly launched HiFi level amplifier new of manufacturers.

Mini Music Center about 10 years ago, which is when VCD is popular, there are many manufacturers in the production, Japanese manufacturers Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Kenwood, Aiwa, sky Dragon, Onkyo has produced, is currently in the process of updating the production line manufacturer has claimed. Comparison of several products, still think of Onkyo products seems to be more desirable, and equipment in the hands of good matches.

OnkyoCS-N755 is Onkyo recently updated product, Onkyo desktop Hi-Fi sound systems belongs to the flagship China price million Yuan, flagship, the CS-1045 cost around eight million. The CS Music Center managed by host CR-N755 network CD receiver and passive stereo 2.0 D-055.

Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review
Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review

Accessories indoor FM/AM antenna loop antenna/speaker cable and Cork feet/manual remote control, more special is the remote control, long, longer than the average TV remote control, real pretty, button placement easy, feel very good.

Onkyo CR-N755 hosts an external antenna must be installed before you can receive AM FM radio, but not necessarily high, exposed antenna, placed in the back of the machine also has a good effect.

CR-N755 network CD receiver set host parameters

Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review

Starting from CR-N 555 hosts this year, Onkyo will be converted into flat screen design on the front panel, the Onkyo desktop audio host for most of the past are concave-convex front panel design, changed into a flat look more like the appearance of your HiFi amplifier, Onkyo in the host-side type material in the past dominated by plastic, now turned into a better metal texture Panel.

Japan Onkyo desktop audio hosts and speakers can be separated from free to buy matching, but sales in the Chinese mainland market set, I watched a black Panel on Japan Asia CR-N755 host, price conversion of RMB 2000 Yuan, but ready to 7 kg gross weight plus cost of audio products customs duties estimated Hai Tao 20% estimate that will let people knees crushed!

Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review

Should the CD+MP3+ radio system receives + amplifier + network is one of the best desktop HiFi stereos on the market, N755 2013 launch, has picked up several awards.

VGP2013 “システムオーディオ/ハイコンポ (more than 50,000 yen 100,000 yen not Narua Asami)” で [Golden 賞] に choose されました

VGP2013SUMMER “システムオーディオ/ハイコンポ (more than 50,000 yen 70,000 yen not Narua Asami)” で 賞 に choose gold されました

VGP2014 “システムオーディオ/ハイコンポ (more than 50,000 yen 100,000 yen not Narua Asami)” に choose されました

WHATHI-FI? highest で レベルの 5 スター (BestNetworked Micro System Department activities) を 獲 しました

Configuration parameters:

Output power: 30W+30W (€ 4, 1kHz, single channel driven, JEITA) total harmonic distortion + noise: (THD + n) 0.4% (1kHz, 1).

Damping factor: 22 (1kHz,8 ohm) input sensitivity and impedance: 150 mV/47K ω (Line).

0.15 rated RCA output level and impedance V/330 ohms (line out) frequency response: 10 Hz to 100 kHz/± 3 DB.

Signal to noise ratio: 00 DB (Line,IHF-a) speaker impedance: 4-16 ohm.

Tuner frequency range: FM 87.5MHz-108MHz AM522 kHz-1611 kHz.

Power supply AC: 220-230 v 50/60 Hz power consumption: 74 w standby power: 0.26 watts. X-DORIA iWatch frame

Dimensions: (width x height x depth) 215x119x331 mm weight: 4.8 kg.

Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review
Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review

For practicality, this host capable of supporting too many forms of media, as “a rogue mechanism”, to play music CD,CD and CD-RW, so that my CD disc is not wasted.

CR-N755 in the rear of the fuselage has a RJ45 network cable interface, access to DLNA1.5 because provides network support, so your mobile phone and CR-N755 under the same gateway through the iPod touch/iPhone and Onkyo Remote programs on your Android phone to the hosts pushed music to play, including our common third Fang Anzhuo playback software such as QQ music “Qplay” Functions can also be pushing music to CR-N755 for playback. This machine can also purchase Onkyo UWF-1 wireless network adapter and Bluetooth USB adapter UBT-1.

Onkyo CS-N755 Onkyo desktop sounds fine HiFi sound system review

There is also a USB interface on the front panel, CR-N755 can play music from a USB flash drive, over the network or a USB memory stick playback audio files MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, FLAC, WAV,Ogg,Vorbis, AAC, LPCM, Apple Lossless, DSD can be supported, in particular to support lossless format such as DSD, which would make fans feel satisfied.

The USB interface can also playback iPod and MP3 and AAC audio files stored in the iPhone, and to charge the device. If the Onkyo UBT-1 Bluetooth adapter, checked the Japan price of just 100 Yuan less, by aptX? codec technology and Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth pairing can be played in such a beautiful host, though the former may not be willing to insert a USB memory stick, there is also a USB interface on the back of the machine.

CR N755 DAC chip is support for 192K/24-Bit audio WM8718, 8718 is WOLFSON’s previous flagship, quality is good, and on many PC sound cards with this chip.

X-DORIA iWatch frame

Connector on the back of so rich! Compare Sony, manufacturers such as JVC desktop audio host interface of the host you think others are woefully low, this set of play, decoding, amplifier Onkyo one host is configured with three devices must have interfaces. Main input/output interface for digital audio input (optical and digital coaxial), 3 sets of analog audio inputs and 1 output, RJ45 interface, USB interface, antenna connector, AUX IN connector, and so on.

Transparent gold plated banana plug speaker terminals are not as flamboyant as all-metal terminals on the material, but it is a relatively advanced configuration, random comes with the audio cable is thicker copper wire, and because there is a set of RCA output interface, you can also take a pair of speakers. Single output of 30W power pushing the General 5-inch passive speaker is more than enough.

There is also a 3.5mm audio output interface on the front panel, so you can push the high impedance headphones, output parameters for this interface is unknown, but I used AKG K701 tried volume needs to be open to about 40% is very big, with this pre-3.5mm interface, you can use as a desktop amp.

Said the key handle, large volume knob is unquestionably the most praise on the host, moderate damping, turns to feel slightly into the level of feeling, just wanted to go a few times. Previous next control is realized by a small knob, so that when the fast forward option more convenient than the traditional single return keys, other control button design is raised, by clicking sound, feeling similar to the mouse buttons.

CS-N755 set of passive speakers D-055 profile

CS N755 set speakers model D-055 exterior there’s nothing too special about the design, through the front panel of the dust can faintly see the lift unit. Good speaker I think bridge is D55EX, D112EXT design guide holes in the box below the rectangle one, feel the momentum, in Japan you can choose more advanced D55EX, D112EXT and the host match, to domestic only D-055 Kit, so I can only say–oh!

The D-055 speakers only weight for a 3.6kg, is smaller and lighter, with medium density fiberboard box, surface mount is a thinner horizontal stripe texture Panel, it feels good to the touch, dust cover can easily be removed.

Onkyo speaker design technique called 2-way bass-reflex, is said to be in the Onkyo amp is lots of boxes, 12cm N-OMF cone bass units in unit, what we usually call a 4-inch unit, treble is 2.5cm soft dome unit.

Frequency response: 55Hz-35kHz crossover point: 2.5kHz output sound pressure level: 83dB/W/m maximum power input: 70W impedance: 4 Ohms.

N-OMF of 4-inch cone unit, “N-OMF” referred to in the official information “Onkyo Micro Fiber” is a durable material, containing a layer of Kevlar material and light-weight non-woven fibre, vibration provides rapid and precise response of hardness required. This phase of material and bullet-shaped cone series, effectively absorbs excess vibration. Moreover, each speaker has a characteristic soft dome tweeter, in order to better represent the high frequency portion of sound.

Individuals feel is nice, but I prefer black host and a box with, unfortunately, no black host sold in mainland China.

This set of speakers at home is quite beautiful, Onkyo HiFi sound system you can buy other models extend the desktop, such as the Onkyo player base ND-S1000 with iPhone interface, you can also add a DAC-1000S power amplifier, so the system upgrade to dual parallel decoding of WM8740 DAC. These can extend the machine size is the same size, design style is also close stacks may be more unified. X-DORIA iWatch frame

System configuration and input/output functions

CR n-755 digital audio input 2 VLSC circuit, can significantly reduce noise Hi-Fi amplifier is a three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry, coupled with enhanced HICC (instantaneous current capability) speaker driver is the ability to host the guarantee of high quality music, Onkyo called WRAT wide range amplifier technology is used to ensure the distortion control of amplification. PA passive speaker will hear the current HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS noise filter circuit is not ready, high quality sound impossible, CR-N755 circuit design should be very good, noise not heard.

This Taiwan CS-N755 I eventually put it put in computer next, because can received of sound source more, output port also more, so think also is pretty practical of, slightly trouble is of is each open computer to open N755 of host power, if you of computer long time no audio signal entered to N755 host, it will automatically standby saving, need again open switch, package system power 74W, standby power 0.26W.

Connect PC transfer host can use 3.5mm audio RCA, if have fiber-optic interface is the best, there are many cheaper independent sound cards or some senior Board have a optical output connector, plug into N755 hosts, then switch inPut input channels on the line.

I has a Adventist bridge of ES-HF300 head wearing type headphones, can plug to front Board of 3.5mm audio interface, insert headphones words speaker will no voice of, this Taiwan host drive Ann bridge of headphones just to will volume knob open to 25% on almost has, N755 match this article Ann bridge headphones voice listening to up bass compared heavy, than General of MP3 play valued, but N755 is can through EQ regulation level sound of.

CR-N755 and most traditional of audio system as not support multiple channel mixed output, I compared like listening to broadcast, but if I in using N755 listening to broadcast words, computer of operation voice on listening to missing has, here slightly somewhat points regrets, AM, and FM support 40 a channel storage, FM listening to effect is good, antenna hid in machine behind on line, Onkyo design of AM antenna some big, installation Hou slightly effect overall visual effect.

Onkyo CR-N755 website known as “network CD receiver” DLAN Protocol for network playback support is a big selling point, CR-N755 access LAN on the other computer can access the Onkyo stereo, pushing music to the play.

At the iOS, An Zhuoping stage, Onkyo have released a–ONKYO REMOTE playback and management of mobile terminal software, as long as your phone and Tablet and Onkyo stereo in the same local area network, you can use the ONKYO REMOTE for wireless music playback, and port management, sound settings and other advanced features, basically replace the remote control.

Many phone Shang carrying of play software is support DLAN agreement of, like Sony of Walkman Ann Zhuo play software, through Throw function, on can and CR-N755 established links for music play, addition some third party of play software, like QQ music play device in the of Qplay function is also of effect, somewhat similar Bluetooth speaker of function, play control, and Xia a first switch, operation reaction also is quickly.

CS-N755 audio system introduction

This sets Ann bridge of audio in December 24 got of, should is Christmas gift, daily pot machine 10 hours around, day work on put FM radio open with, adjustable to music Taiwan, night home again play music with with, time should in 300 hours around has, initially got of when feel voice is compared tight of, especially in the treble, even some dry of feel, in each a days of using in the watch to found voice of changes, began think voice getting better has.

This stereo for my sound and shape gave me the impression, use two words to describe it is “delicate.” Onkyo sound of this combination should be relatively clear style, prominent treble and bass, if slightly less density, and like most 2.0 speakers, many used the so-called “subwoofer” people might think it not many stereo bass.

But and General of 2.0 speaker compared, I think set of D-055 of bass is compared highlight of, main reflected in overtones more, Xia dive and level sense are good, but that compared has power of impact sense to less, Ann bridge using of this 4 inch of N-OMF (Fong LUN material and non-woven cotton) cone basin unit performance of bass is compared has and elastic and texture.

Because bass overtones more this characteristics, is acoustic is wide, and deep, that is horizontal longitudinal acoustic are good, voice atmosphere sense is foot, but if density not many, plus bass of power sense to less Ann bridge of this sets combination voice listening to up has that in open of big room in singing of melodious feel, and not that rich powerful, and voice strong of feel, vocals compared partial elegant, overall of voice atmosphere sense good.

I used two desktop speakers are compared, one is three Connaught N35, one was Hui Wei M200MK ⅱ. Three speakers are hosts of the Onkyo, M200MK ⅱ tweeter density is more, I feel the human voice is the most energetic of the three Chiang Kai-shek, and the high frequency is close to the high-pitched excitement enough, less bass overtones, the sound field is not as big as the other two. Three Connaught N35 and Onkyo sound style is similar to the more powerful bass than Onkyo D-055, but the overall sound level, details clearly worse Onkyo and low noise the three Connaught N35 apparently, the basic quality of single-speaker sound worse for the other two.

So I think match D-055 audio of this sets Ann bridge CS-N755 audio main of style is HiFi listening to sound style, stressed voice of details, and level sense, and positioning this three a basic quality in this Taiwan speaker Shang is obviously, three frequency of distribution basically two high school between concave, treble is not is stimulus partial natural sweet of feel, if density slightly less, so in the high frequency voice listening to up partial elegant, bass is compared highlight texture, overtones more, building has compared large of acoustic, listening to music Shi atmosphere sense also is good of, Music vocals have more natural, overall clean. If you like rock and roll you may feel less sense of combat power is not enough.

CS-N755 HiFi stereo using the desktop experience

This sets system of advantages is rich of entered output channel and can extended sex, host I think than speaker more with price, has very good of sound and rich of function, if you not mind whether has network play function, can select CS-N755 of Qian generation products CS-555,CS555 no network play function, other of configuration and CS-N755 are compared close, but network play function I feel also is pretty praise of, with up is convenient, Especially when you apply this sound as a bedside sound can play music without connection.

Build desktop audio system, I believe that many people will feel a bit hard to start, is the CD is used as the front-end computer as the front end and the player with a hard disk as the front end is very Kinky things, front-end address decoding amplifier and the troubles, an internal sound card, external sound card, USBDAC and what not which to choose? This desktop HiFi Onkyo stereo system is relatively easy to solve this problem, CD playback, and support for external storage, computer fiber ports, network play, compared to other input is complete, so the use of a machine is still very useful, in addition to audio host is feeling “Decathlon”, pushed the headset is simply too easy. Appearance will not say more, even if listening to a radio is forced to full.

Sounds I think if it’s not too picky players, box D-055 voice was fully covered, this stereo sound styles may prefer “elegant and refined”, if you want bass to more violent, can give you the system plus a bass speaker, or directly replace Kit D-055. If the rich students, consider Onkyo’s flagship CS-N1045 mix 12CM OMF woofer, bass is said to be surging.

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Millet 4I

Variants as a downgrading for the midrange model, millet 4 hardware configuration I was still a very cost-effective mobile phones. Red rice at similar price points and charming blue although the price is a little lower, but configuration does not meet the standards millet 4 I, profile millet 4 I close to the people, at a slightly higher price in Exchange for better performance and appearance, so why not?

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