Science posted mobile maps do you use and where the data come from

A few days ago, I attended the activities you will be home. Just four rings, driver steering wheel turn, I became completely unfamiliar roads around. Later, the driver has to open the navigation, the viaduct below to find the right way. He pointed to the phone told me that:

“In our line, go out all by navigation. Without it, don’t know what is. ”

2011 China Mobile map users only 70 million, a figure in 2013 rose to 300 million mobile phone map with the popularity of smartphones in each car camping.

Earliest maps where data come from?

Earliest maps come from? Each POI (Point of Interest: information point) need a map collection in person?

Navinfo PH told Lei feng’s network of staff have worked for four years, the earliest data from the “Bureau”, such as navinfo has strong government backing, by the surveying and mapping in 92, created the only national company that specializes in surveying and mapping, directly share data, other manufacturers or will need to purchase.


Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?

But from surveying and mapping to the data is not complete data, places like remote and harsh environment of the mountains in the Southwest, nearly blank map data, map makers will need to be added. PH said back in 07 and 08 years, map collection covering work in China has been basically completed, the rest is corrections to existing maintenance and change of the map area.

Golder staff said, China’s road to change very quickly, keep in 20% to 30% per cent a year in 2014 alone, China added 93800 kilometres of roads and 7000 km of railways, 551 km of subway. Maintenance of map also requires a lot of manpower. Michael Kors iPad Air Case

What kind of data collection?

Gold introduced collection, data collection can be divided into vehicle walk collection, aerial, crowdsourcing model.


Tencent map Rolleima tells us that adopted strict specifications, speed 30-60 km/h. Mining engineer collecting road and the street view car drivers cope with street view, feel free to monitor the outcomes of the gathering and equipment operation. Car production for the evaluation of weather and visibility requirements are very high, such as PM2.5 over 200 of the weather in Beijing, could not be collected, not to mention a cloudy rainy.


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Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?

Gold collection car equipped with a panoramic camera, can get high data acquisition system “road traffic”, “signs” and “speed detectors” information such as images and video, laser scanners and ranging sensors can measure the street width, length, Lane, median, and high precision inertial navigation systems you can build streets and three-dimensional map.

Step recovery

Cannot be collected by street view cars, you need to use heavy equipment to be hand-picked, most city streets are the result of manual collection. Handheld PDA and camera staff to commercial buildings, schools, shopping malls, banks and other places to take pictures, then entry to the data acquisition system.

Rolleima revealed that the production work on the particularity of Tencent’s map of mining personnel have certain requirements:

First image of health, not bald, bearded and, secondly, to have good behavior, and human kind as not conflict with others, patience, and has good personal accomplishment, and strong execution, the strict quality requirements of their work, of course, witness the fitness will, at least, can carry enough heavy mining machine to climb across the river.

Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?

Golder said map He Ningjie, collected by POI information processing can be divided into four steps: Add, modify, delete, unchanged.     When walking into a place and found that the restaurant was changed into a Bank, directly select a restaurant POI information, click after removal, in place new Bank POI information, change is complete.

Aerial photography

Leased aircraft for aerial photography is a collection of top-end approach, three-dimensional map provides commercial currently on the market are mainly satellite image (satellite), the resolution nearly 50 centimeters. But based on national security considerations, the aerial is in many areas was limited.


Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?

Aerial is mainly strengthening the fineness of the map. Like many of Dongguan prefecture-level city, crowded to one side, its floor to pass, even manual data collection is difficult to achieve. This time only through the aerial to obtain accurate information.

Crowdsourcing model

PH introduce us, map makers in addition to their information collection, outsourcing, outsourcing such as a city, and collected by local personnel, or outsourced to a logistics company.

Logistics transport vehicles equipped with GPS navigation systems, GPS information back only, no videos and pictures, this part is corrective action. According to gold, said, there are currently 30duowanliang logistics vehicles in postback data, 60,000 taxis in Beijing are to use high German air navigation services, they can return large amounts of data.

Another part of the crowdsourcing from the UGC, mainly user error feedback. Because Sina weibo, Ali and other companies have adopted high German map data, huge number of user guide receive a large amount of user feedback. High “value added Division” can handle about 2,300 errors per employee per month.

Data will be used?

Guide to us,

“High-field acquisition personnel in the field to get accurate data, first data submitted to the personnel within the industry for data processing, then assigns values to the original data editing, processing, and finally can be used to map data for navigation, currently just cartographers had more than 500 people. Zhihou, map to go through to the national surveying and mapping authorities review, navigation map encryption, approval and publication number, self-examination, self test test link, the last to enter the market. ”


Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?

Street view, current street map does not guarantee complete accuracy. Mainly because of issues related to national security in some places, such as secure buildings, oil plants and so on. By agreement with the relevant national security sector, where texture migration: not directly performance area, covered with similar scenes around. It is reported that some cities, places that need to be addressed for many times.

Meanwhile, street view maps on license plates, faces, also has the responsibility to protect privacy, if photos exist, there will be a mosaic.

Congestion information come from?

That road congestion in real time information come from? Certainly not squat the next someone different.

First is the magnetic float. At the lower end of the road there is buried the “sensor”, used to perceive the different sections of the vehicle followed by NHTSA videos, you can monitor the different sections of the traffic, if an exception is directly marked on the map; Finally, floating cars, mainly refers to the urban taxi equipped with GPS, by the exception monitor vehicle speeds to determine road conditions.

Last shared an interesting question, in terms of street view, it was suggested, is it possible that domestic several big mapping companies cooperate, you pick a city, b I took the city, and then to Exchange data, which can also save costs. Worked at the Tencent map Rolleima tells us:

Unfortunately, not just domestic, abroad has not seen street view data that is shared the successful cooperation. Google, and Nokia, Bing, and more foreign street map is in collecting their own data. Based on company match the original underlying technologies, data sharing is difficult, and secondly, a lot of companies are exploring the profit model of streetscape, so has the exclusive right of the data is necessary.


Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?
Science posted: mobile maps do you use and where the data come from?

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