Who will buy 1 2 million Tesla

Who will buy 1.2 million Tesla?

After the test ride the Tesla Model s, I even more strongly “this is a big toy” of the faith. What people will buy 1.2 million toys? The rich? No, recognition is a big toy in the future – in the age of technological age is represented by such a person to change.

News has just broke the first week of September, Tesla Model s in Europe killed in car sales the week tops all of three year’s VW Golf car, is nice.

Just because perhaps by chance a few weeks ago I visited the Tesla is located in Beijing, China East Guildford grass mall stores. Not only China’s first flagship store is Tesla’s registered address in China – there is a digression, the name dispute is not the same with the iPad in China, in the “Tesla” Word after it has been registered, Tesla simply ignored, in fact, registered in China as early as November 2012 Tesla “top speed” name, signifying its unyielding.

In fact, my visit was very personal, because Tesla stores in China is not open, but does not allow media interviews. Of course, stores forbidden to take pictures. So this is only a real shot diagram of the door:

Who will buy 1.2 million Tesla?

Curtain for shielding confidential are not even identified on “Tesla”. But simply put a piece of identification of the Model s is not high side view, and a “Go Electric” slogan.

Everyone wants to know about Tesla’s progress in China can be summed up in the following five:

1, while direct sales company has been established and in operation, but how about Tesla Motors product imports is debatable. The stores when to open is also unknown. Tesla is the timetable set in the first quarter of 2014, China will allow Tesla road-known as a quarter in China, can be in January or March.

2, Tesla Model s sold in China completely undecided, media estimates 600,000 to 850,000 price would be impractical. Currently 60kWh with low version of the Tesla Model s in the United States cost about $ 50,000 to 60,000, 85kWh high with versions in the United States selling for $ 100,000 to 110,000. As with any luxury car, since matching the contents of each vehicle’s price will be slightly different. While the mainland China’s first car models of the user concerned is up to, so that even the most optimistic estimates, calculated according to the displacement is zero import tax of at least 42% equivalent to 950,000 yuan. Reality is not known. My personal judgement is that Tesla Model s hat in China will be sold for more than 1.2 million-with the price of cars including a Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, BMW 7-series, Range Rover and so on.

3, Tesla United States factories in the United States local and State in Europe are in short supply. So only to County, one of the first subscribers to one hundred or two hundred sets of production capacity, it is also one of the first limits the number of subscribers. Because Tesla China order customer information strictly confidential, so I only get a “book hot, qualifying the remaining few” official answer. But it was poached by Tesla’s luxury car sales staff was surprised: “IT provides this car hard and a set is three of four. ”

4, which did not mention Tesla all about Tesla test drive reports the high degree of customization. This custom not only means the user selected when the car interior material and color, but like many accounting systems can support a variety of different driving preferences. As we all know Tesla Model s skylights can be controlled in Visual tuning to anywhere on the touch screen–Tesla all settings for Model s: startup, seat position, hanging, soft and hard, braking and throttle pedal trip (switch) combination of operation, rearview mirror, lights, … … Even ride height can be linear regulation, and skylights.

I experience the Tesla Model s at the trial in less than two minutes from the compact SUV ride height to minimize the level of track cycle State–feel shocking. Step by step Manager Duan yongping wrote a blog post describing him in the United States driving the Tesla Model s does not like to lift up the switch pedal and the brakes on the driving experience, a fact that can be set: decrease or turn off the power recovery system, adjust the pedal back to the level they like, Tesla Model s-driving can be consistent and automatic petrol car.

Most importantly, each user can save their own drive settings to the Tesla “accounts”, different drivers, as long as a key to switch accounts, the Tesla Model s will “morph” you own the car. Make an inappropriate analogy, just as you can a QQ client computers read your number on their own friends list.

5, Tesla does not promote users to purchase Super charging adapter. This Tesla accessories can charge the Tesla Model s-50% in an hour, but you need to apply for an additional line for power supply companies to install. From Tesla China people’s advice: “people think electric vehicles need charging station because gasoline station. But gas station refueling because people in my home … … Electric car parked at home at least 6 hours every night, using the standard common charger can be required to meet the next day’s trip … … After all, there are few users a day to more than 300 kilometers of the city…… “Tesla China hopes to promote the use of electricity” with the stop with filling “consumption of habit-and mobile phones.

I appreciate the way cars as sales of consumer electronics products, but I also heard there are questioning this arrangement of marketing strategy is due to Tesla in China cannot import options for charging.

Who will buy 1.2 million Tesla?

So, back to the title, what people will buy millions of Tesla?

Tesla Model s is cool, this is something everyone knows. But, as I have previously mentioned a point – if a consumer electronics product is reduced to the point of talking about practical, really had been defeated. In other words, Tesla Model s would not be practical.

The first problem is: the Tesla Model s is large. Didn’t think before I see a real car Tesla Model s size is so big. Since there is no real comparison, so I can only say that I think the Tesla Model s is better than the Mercedes-Benz s-class sedan shape freshman year. But relatively the same level of luxury car Tesla Model s does not provide priority protection of the spacious back room–because it is the driver’s experience. Therefore, the Tesla Model s is not suitable as a driver of urban commercial vehicles.

Followed by a charging issue restriction, Tesla Model s is not suitable for outdoor travel car-maybe in California, but even to the first quarter of next year, driving a Tesla Model s estimates are from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, you have to think about it. So the Tesla is not cold science and technology practitioners asked me: “why does it take 1 million to buy a City Scooter? ”

Third such exorbitant pricing, the Tesla Model s will not be even a rich first – as far as I know a few have ordered Tesla Model s owners, are holding a number of car bosses. Common characteristics of these driving a Tesla Model s to–Tesla Model s superior motion performance was completely wasted.

So, Yes, that’s right, Tesla Model s is a great “big toy”.

Even in the United States or Europe, driving a Tesla Model s in the street will get even higher rates than driving a Lamborghini. But beyond the racer, who was driving a Lamborghini? Players with money. Hermes iPhone 5S case

Tesla Model s is really beautiful, even if it is not keen on them at first sight real love it; driving and riding experience looks awesome; on the streets is very cool. In fact as a superior product that’s enough. But in order to cater to the pragmatist’s appetite, Tesla often had to refer to concepts like green.

Also for pragmatic guess, many media rumors about the Tesla will launched cheaper entry-level electric car (tone and reported a few months ago “cheap iPhone” exactly). But the fact is that Tesla’s next car is based on the chassis of the Model s Tesla launched the SUV models Model x (pictured below, highlights with gull-wing doors).

Hermes iPhone 5

Who will buy 1.2 million Tesla?

Tesla Model x is already began booking abroad, but the volume production next year – trust me, Model x than Model s sold expensive.

Pragmatist in doubt after using the Tesla is usually. Duan yongping in the United States buy the Tesla Model s, Tesla was thrown out of stock. But on the other hand, mainstream businesses have not realized that in this day and age, a product only can be the tipping point in order to represent the future.

World dramatic “decentralization” and “diversification” makes most of the spending power is “too much choice” rather than “select scarcity” State. This makes the lack of supply in the past years new technologies drive market structure evolution of logic seems to fail–became a consumer force the selection of technical evolution and then decided to market. Can be said to be Steve jobs created the can be described as a “psychological dynamics” of the era.

Many expensive Tesla will not mind-“the world so people can’t afford a car, how small such an expensive car?! “But worthy of reflection is that iPhone bloodbath when the high-end mobile phone market, the original of the production and sales of low-end mobile phone consumption ecological was upended. Before the iPhone, how many people really think 5000 Yuan to buy a mobile phone is worth it?

Similarly, the Tesla has taken the traditional automobile industry in the future, although this does not mean that Tesla is victory, but the dawn of the next era of science and technology was summoned by Tesla.

If I have to struggle with the new cool fun buying Tesla Motors but also what is the point, and that is this: accelerating the next coming of the era of science and technology.

So, what people will buy 1.2 million Tesla then? Those who can afford to buy, “big toys” were very keen, and sincerely look forward to grab the next technological age – these people usually really will be the next leader of an era.


Who will buy 1.2 million Tesla?


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