It s really not a question of idealism but old problems

Qian days Lei Feng network released has a article if old Luo win has, whole national are lost has, if said on old Luo of penetrating criticism (“backlash heart” two a word listening to up killing gas too heavy, actually just only speculate heart of mean, paper author himself is a firm of backlash heart on the who), I seems also no see than this article more gushing of articles, like which this a:

“You can in business statements business, can promises, but cannot shameless to to hurt those also blood, and also know how better of young, hurt those confused among struggling looking for lighthouse of young, let they believes money is reasons, is results, believes this world only bloody of ugly and drifting along, thought all of idealism are is counterfeit, is flickers people, no longer believes poems and distance, no longer carries idealism. It’s really not a question of idealism, but old problems. Old windmill world war not the lone hero, single-handedly wiped out inequalities make the world a better place, and was not, not now nor in the future. Feelings and idealism in him, is nothing but a coat, put on at any time, feel free to take off, is put on or take off is needed. Just like back day and Hari. Anti-Japanese blood young people will rub off on the lectern, he was against Japan, Hari 50 LAN, please help, he HA. ” Ted Baker iPhone 6

Criticism of old. As a coat that can be worn off the feelings, or that he is for marketing purposes only to boast provoked controversy, and so describes so old Rasputin, as if all comments are the result of plotting coups, overestimate him. Yes, he has the ability to incite public sentiment, but not less than tip-top, to the point of not easily wear off; Moreover, old is not a wicked man, show off your feelings do not come from any ulterior purposes, ideal when the motto simply because of heart. Why would he ridicule jobs, ridicule Lei, all friends ridicule and sarcasm all the media? Just because he likes, just a fun: look at my wit no wit! My eloquence is not good!

This is just a walk away from puberty men, eager to prove what kind of man he is. For example the phrase “I don’t win, I meant”–it’s “do you know how hard I” like, childish person would have to show them not serious?

Wilde has a word Base: “hard is the refuge of people who had nothing to do” (hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing to do), but it is also true that you tried, and succeeded, success becomes a hard return; tried, failed, efforts turned to their own account. In this world, you do not need to explain it if you work hard enough carefully enough, because they don’t have time to even know who you are.

It’s not ironic make-or values, but adolescent disconcerted and confused throughout history are always cyclical, and then find out what, several Young Werther is handed down is enough, no amount of invalid information will only take up the limited memory of the world.

It's really not a question of idealism, but old problems

Speaking of old the most disgusting place, he was trying to become the face of idealism. In this aspects, hammer powder also out has many force–“support Hammer’s, if old Luo lost has, whole national are lost has”, “he only a idealism who”, “you capacity down Maverick of people”, this is a moral fascist, exposure which of people will was a oppression, seemed with old Luo pass is with ideal, and feelings and seriously pass. Ted Baker note 3 cases

Business success or failure is normal, forced a spirit and endorsements for a boring, measure a man’s chest will also need two sets of figures, personal success or failure to indicate a success or failure? Hammer battle with Hao Luo as the merchant’s only professional ability, nothing to do with idealism. He won is not a triumph of idealism, he lost not idealistic Communists. “It’s really not a question of idealism, but old problems. ”

If the social effect, of course, still want the old success, because whether you agree or disagree with, Luo Yonghao has put “idealism” the public property to the gambling table, gambling has begun cannot be stopped. The best result he won.


Ted Baker iPhone 6

It's really not a question of idealism, but old problems
It's really not a question of idealism, but old problems

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