To be outdone Russia around 2030 to build lunar base

  Recently, as NASA announced several major discoveries, NASA released some of the future plans, including landing on Mars or on Mars “planted forest” and so on, seems to be announced one thing: the dominance of NASA in the aerospace field. As the world’s first country to put an astronaut into space, while the former Soviet Union has disintegrated, but its successor Russia also would occasionally come out and plea.

  After all, as the United States in many fields for decades only to contend with old foes, even if Russia now face a lot of problems, but after all, in the family. See NASA continue to come up with a new twist, Russia Space Agency (RKA) will naturally feel uncomfortable all over.

To be outdone! Russia around 2030 to build lunar base

  And now, RKA official to stand out, they established bases on the Moon at around 2030. Technically speaking, it is possible to achieve. After all, the United States formally abandoned the shuttle began, until two or three years after the restart in the years prior to the manned space program, United States sending astronauts to the international space station is via Russia’s rocket do. This proves, Russia is absolutely hard power in this regard.

To be outdone! Russia around 2030 to build lunar base

  But the problem is here, before Russia sent United States astronauts God, are bound to charge a hefty fee, equivalent to earn extra cash. However, to build a base on the Moon in such a thing, certainly in the short term there is no money to be made, and also into a lot of money into it. In view of the current situation, this difficulty can be said than to safeguard world peace.

  But RKA, dare stand up and announce the plan, apparently they do not intend to become a laughing stock. According to the BBC reports: Russia on the realization of this plan is most likely to pull other countries. As to exactly who, BBC and doesn’t mention it, but this is a very easy to fill out the brain problems. Basically, ESA and CNSA of China in Europe

To be outdone! Russia around 2030 to build lunar base

  As for the plan’s not going to work, and how it can really bring benefits? Believes that in considering these issues, perhaps we could really see some surprises when it comes.

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