Without charging Tago Arc bracelets pattern free

Without charging Tago Arc bracelets: pattern free

Using electronic ink wearable device there are many, such as Lei feng’s network had earlier reported that Sony FES watches. Now, Liber8 Tago Arc introduced a smart bracelet, which uses a curved e-ink display, the pattern displayed can be changed at any time on the bracelet styles.

Tago Arc bracelet replacement can be applied using the included paid and free patterns, also encouraged users to create and upload your own design.

Tago Arc’s design principles are unfettered, so it has no buttons, no connector, the most interesting are also without charge. Liber8 claimed bracelet thanks to e ink display, low power, no power. But other similar products is generally a year filled, Tago Arc performance has yet to be tested. hello kitty cases for iPhone 6

Another characteristic of the bracelet is avoiding the Bluetooth pairing, select using NFC, in addition, the company also plans to launch its own mobile payment system in the future.

Hello Kitty case

Without charging Tago Arc bracelets: pattern free

At present, Tago Arc smart bracelet to support Android devices only.

Tago Arc Indiegogo to raise now, started about two days, has completed the objectives, will begin mass production by 2015.

via wareable

Apple TV (third generation)

547 votes Hello Kitty case

Apple TV (third generation)

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