Keyboard is not used to kneel all kinds of wonderful keyboard collection

Keyboard is not used to kneel, all kinds of wonderful keyboard collection

In addition to the mouse, the keyboard is known as the input device. Ordinary computer keyboard layouts are QWERTY Qwerty keyboard, is Christopher Latham Sholes invented in 1868 key programmes, since it was struck too fast cause card, so Sholes designed the keyboard in order to: on the premise of not card machine to improve typing speed.

With the development of science, increasing demand and keyboard also has “dramatically” change. For example for Chinese Hanyu Pinyin keyboard, keyboard strokes and the highly sought after black Berry BlackBerry keyboard, and so on. Keyboard revolution began in the different scenes on the keyboard, so, whether it is professional or a tease than people, will satisfy all needs of the market. Below, Lei feng’s network with read, how to play the keyboard. Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

Expressions exclusive: emoji keyboard

Keyboard is not used to kneel, all kinds of wonderful keyboard collection

Emoji keyboard: a expression keyboard + of special software. Just press the “Caps Lock” switch to emoji mode you can easily enter a variety of facial expressions. It supports OS x operating system, which means that the keyboard for Mac products, and keyboard membranes are only suitable for Macbook Pro and Air (released in 2010 and beyond), as well as the Apple wireless keyboard.

When when you’re chatting online with people, sort of application both in blowing the water ripped force, as long as the favorite expression can be realized by Caps Lock directly. You can enter more than 150 expressions, while the keyboard appears on the film’s look is not much, but you can enter through a key combination, such as shift, control, and select keys. The keyboard after founding team of careful layout, users would soon start well. At present, the emoji keyboard on Kickstarter to raise, the price is $ 35.

DIY Special: Trickey keyboard

Keyboard is not used to kneel, all kinds of wonderful keyboard collection

Trickey keyboards are the building blocks of a new keyboard, supports the complete DIY keyboard. On the keyboard, the letter a is the letter a and the keyboard doesn’t make much difference. However, this keyboard allows you to programmatically customize keyboard … Individual letter keys CTRL + s is defined as s or something like that.

The keyboard offers three forms: one is the 2*3 keyboard tanks, allows you to define a keyboard; one is the space bar, and finally a single-letter keyboard. But also between different keyboard tanks are assembled to form a larger keyboard. All this can be adjusted according to your needs. Worth mentioning is, keyboard tanks there is no meaning of letters, only keyboard components and programming to determine the significance of a button. At present, the Kickstarter to raise the Trickey the keyboard, ready to market in October this year, raised prices to $ 99, including a keyboard tanks + 1 + 6 letter keys space bar.

Acting Special: ZAGG Pocket folding keyboard

Keyboard is not used to kneel, all kinds of wonderful keyboard collection

If you dislike the phone’s keyboard is too small, you can try ZAGG Pocket folding keyboard. Through a Bluetooth connection, you can on the iOS or Android Smartphone and tablet, experienced keyboard input method. Ted Baker iPhone 6

Ted Baker iPhone 6

The keyboard uses a two-stage folding design, size is 22.2×5.4×1.43cm, 193g. In the collapsed State, you can put it in the Pocket, fold the keyboard can be used as a support to facilitate the user to enter (as shown in the figure). Worth mentioning is that the keyboard after a full charge can last for two years. Once folded, the device will automatically turn off to save power. At present, the equipment already on the market, priced at $ 70, and only in the United States market opening. So me when the Chinese people have, is still a mystery.

Art special: SHORTCUT-S keyboard

Keyboard is not used to kneel, all kinds of wonderful keyboard collection

SHORTCUT-S keyboard is a professional artist and designer using the keyboard, which supports Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition and the Final Cut, Aperture, and Word, Excel, and Outlook, and Facebook and the General shortcut keys. (American unions what to do with Excel, curious ~). It is compatible with Windows and Mac platform. As long as a special software installed on the computer, connect the keyboard can be used.

Although, these designers are implemented on a normal Qwerty keyboard Cordless Desktop ex switch, do things faster than the brain. But with this Shortcut-S keyboard, is more powerful than a layer, captured in an instant of inspiration. From the outside, SHORTCUT-S the keyboard light, only 6.4 mm, dense keyboard using USB interface, equipped with a 1.8 m long cable. 160 keys on the keyboard, including 113 keys support custom, there are 47 basic function keys.

In order to meet the market demand, the launch Pro SHORTCUT-S Pro, different from the Standard Edition, Pro Edition is equipped with more and more professional press, reaching 320. SHORTCUT-S BOW for Office software, as well as 80 key mini-SHORTCUT-S. For example, mini keyboards developed for the social network Facebook, let you quickly switch between browsers and social networks, and quick reply. At present, the Kickstarter to raise the SHORTCUT-S the keyboard, this August.


HTC One M8

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HTC One M8

HTC One (M8) is Taiwan mobile phone company HTC 2014 development of next-generation smartphones, belonging to the HTC advanced flagship models in One series, on March 25, 2014 by HTC Chairman Cher Wang and Peter Chou, Chief Executive of London and United States synchronized New York published. Powered by Android 4.4.2 operating system, HTC Sense6 user interface. Duo twin lens cameras provides photo back focus function.

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