But shrinking mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Gear watch

Look continues Samsung Galaxy Gear into application system plan, this watch is limited in pairing his flagship models. Although we highly doubt is qualified because of compatibility paired phone model (after the launch of development like this), however, was a little taste of spot. Back to the watch itself, first of all, worn on the hand feels not as rugged, though its style Samsung Middle Road, casual wear is no problem. But we want to be able to wear when working shape, because this is the need to use most of the watches is the occasion. Samsung clearly only watch as a miniature mobile phone design, camera and phone functions is not practical, it is very hard to “normal” position to use these two functions.

Hello Kitty iPad Air cases

Samsung Galaxy Gear watch the demo experience

In addition it also relies too heavily on cell phone, there is little ability to work offline. In simple terms, we want is built-in GPS, integrated ANT+ heart beats, bicycle speed record of sports equipment such as, even with a simple pulse measurements are more fun than others. Although there have been a number of similar functionality and appearance attractive products, ability to work independently but watch anyway should be valued, combined with Samsung again no competition phone integration. In other words, or even read the message function can only leave simple tips to, but must consider watches in style and it matches the function, after all, in this day and age, watches the symbolic meaning is often more functional, people will want to be relaxed and handsome watches, rather than MI eyes staring at the small-screen picture SMS image! Hello Kitty iPad Air

Samsung Galaxy Gear watch the demo experience

Source: CNBETA Hello Kitty iPad Air cases


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