Root Android device can do something in the future

Perfect jailbreak iOS 6 release, Apple fans across the world are flocking to escape and enjoy the “lifting” free pleasures. Android has Root said, Root Android device that can do special actions about in the future? Introduced in this paper is the Root of most useful after several uses.

In understanding the Root before use, let’s start with a brief look at what is Android Root.

Android system administrator user is called Root, this account has the right to the highest of the whole system, you can access and modify almost all files in the system, only the Root has the highest level of administrative permissions. And after gaining Root permissions, and install a program to remind users whether to grant highest privileges, can to some extent to prevent malware, typically Superuser or SuperSU. And now there will be some “incomplete Root” is completely ROOT refers to removing secure BOOT settings, through the ADB can be written directly to the system, relatively safe. Rather than only joined SU Root and permissions management software.

Android Root method has a lot of, early use of computers in cmd, type ADB commands to achieve Root

Such as the OPPO Find 5, it is Recovery brush directly into the Root package, of course, there will be issues relating to how a brush into the Recovery, there is no detailed

Part of the mobile phone supports one-click Root program, mobile phone need to turn on USB debugging features, PC by simply “stupid” actions you can gain Root privileges, here are one-click Root Nexus 4, plus one-click Root with a graphical interface tool

Following are Root Android device more common uses:

1. remove the system comes with software

After gaining Root permissions, most users do not want to achieve is to eliminate the system needs some applications, for example, some companies will be forced to install some software that is not necessary, these systems are usually cannot be removed from the application, this is you need Root permissions.

Delete there are two application methods, more “primitive” directly to the system root directory/system/app removed APK, here used to be RE Manager, it is a powerful resource manager support modifying system files under the root directory Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Case Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 Case

The second is to use a third party software application uninstall functions

2. modify the system font

In addition to delete system files, system files can also be modified,/system/fonts is the font folder, download some font replacement is available here

3. the system landscape

/System/framework is the beautification of some system files, such as framework-Res.APK can be achieved percentage of electricity, landscaping features such as transparent taskbar

Of course, modified files under/system/has certain risks, in the absence of certainty and back case don’t change.

4. system backup software

With titanium backup and other applications we can backup software, system settings, and so on, Android users from time to time will Flash or restore factory settings, and titanium backup software helps user to commonly used software, such as “package”, the software settings can also be backed up with

5. manage post cycle software

After the Android device when you install multiple software, the boot will be part of the application to run automatically in the background or network is automatically run after, not only slowed our uptime, many software also lets the device pushes information through some third-party software that we can screen out the programs that run automatically

6. electronic market automatically install applications

Some third-party applications will provide the ability to automatically install after downloading the application, this feature also requires Root privileges

7. control CPU frequency and voltage

Now that Root is the highest level of permissions can control Android hardware of course, here is the CPU frequency control software SetCPU, we can control the CPU voltage and frequency to achieve the objective of controlling power

Of course, Android Root not only here in several ways, by getting the Root we can ask your mobile phone supports the NTFS file system permissions of OTG, display picture frames, app2sd and other features in real time, this should be left to be discovered. Android gaining Root permissions are not harmless, when getting the permissions, some rogue software easily relatively large impact on the system, ads, viruses, modify system files are common. And licensed for mobile phones, gain Root privileges means voluntarily gave up the warranty, so users must be extremely careful when choose whether you want to Root, consider whether you really need these features.

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