Cost-effective Reaper phone 4C to start playing

Millet company was held on September 22, media communication, total phone 4C sound, and millet, millet Pocket three mobile phone card product, phone 4C can be said to make people understand the value of millet, we’ll come and see a “anzhuoxiaowangzi” what can do:

Out of the box and look

Phone 4C do a great deal of change in the packaging, into a bright orange tray, and the styles of the past are quite different.

Hardware parameters related to the package back, we got high with (at $ 1499) version 3G Ram+32G Rom combination, and other hardware with high and low with the same, Xiao long 8,086 core 1.8GHz processor is used, 5-inch 1080P IPS screen, battery capacity 3080mAh, post 13 million pixel camera, front-mounted 5 million pixel camera. And phone 4C a full range of support Netcom + dual SIM card, dual function, more special is that it supports both telecommunications use 4G Internet + mobile/Unicom.

Opened the package and the previous style of phone, as is at the top, the screen has a matte protective film on the surface.

Packaging the second layer is a description and accessories, although things were a few samples, but finally changed a way of placing, is somewhat new.

Packaging parts are simple, power adapter, data cable, kazhen, and instructions.

Kazhen placed in the instructions below.

Phone 4C was equipped with USB Type-C interface now also relatively rare, and one plus, music is different depending on the mobile phone, only phone supports two-sided insert the data cable and standard USB port and the cable there is no difference.

Phone 4C support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, so the power adapter and the phone 4, phone Note is the same, support the charging of 9V 1.2A specifications.

Mobile phone design and red rice Note2 somewhat alike, but due to the screen size is only 5 inches, so is much smaller in size.

Back still has some necessary information, lens protection sticker.

Phone 4C also has “out-screen aesthetic”, using the fitting screen.

Dots on the touch screen is more obvious.

Receiver grooved design, small size, proximity sensor, and light sensor when the left side of the receiver, is 5 million pixels front camera on the right, the far right is the LED lights.

Continues the style of previous products, phone 4C have three touch-sensitive buttons, by default emits white backlight function reverse is multitasking key, home key, and return keys, and features support for key customization.

Phone 4C of high color saturation, authorities say up to 95%NTSC color gamut (and 15 production of millet 4 parameters), screen color gamut high millet 4, products such as millet Note inherited styles.

Slightly light at the top of the screen.

Back cover using the integrated design, the back cover of coating using matte and oil pollution prevention, speakers are also placed on the back of the fuselage.

Camera parts, Sony IMX258 phone 4C S5K3M2 or Samsung sensor, the former is the improved version of IMX214, mainly increased phase focusing, which is Samsung ISOCELL also support phase focus. In addition, the phone 4C also uses 5P lenses and two-color fill light

Is the volume button and the power button on the right side of the fuselage.

Is a SIM card slot on the left side of the fuselage, using the attached card PIN can be easily opened.

Support two micro-SIM cards, millet millet mobile 4C named “Netcom 2.0”, you can also insert Telecom and mobile/Unicom cards, and they are able to support 4G.

With 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the fuselage, but millet Note there is no infrared sensor.

Are USB Type-C interface, and calls the microphone at the bottom.


We got the machine already painted the MIUI7 development version, is also the best in functionality, and shipped version still uses the MIUI6, which is red rice Note2 is the same. Phone 4C system is based on the latest Android 5.1.1.

Introduced in MIUI7 we do not, we take a look at new features on the phone 4C.

Phone 4C continues to support the color temperature of the screen adjustment, adjust only three stalls in warm, natural as well as cool, adjust the span is slightly larger.

Phone 4C on top of the fuselage with an infrared sensor and can allow phones to replace the remote control, easy to use.

Double-click the wake can be said to rice noodles are “hope the stars hope Moon” look forward to a function, to implement this functionality is actually not difficult, but millet in terms of power consumption is said to have made great efforts to put this feature to add.

Phone 4C most innovative feature touch technology can be said to be edge, when we click or double-click the phone’s frame when you can achieve Returns or shutter operation. Implementation under way in the global state, as long as we tap the phone’s frame twice, can realize the function of returning, which can basically touch key returned by replace function. After entering the camera, we click a border, you can also access the shutter function.

Edge touch settings touch control range can be seen in the diagram, covering the phone left and right on both sides of the border, and we can customize the edges touch the start function.


Phone 4C uses Qualcomm’s top mycophenolate mofetil 808 processor, dual-core Cortex-A57 1824MHz and composed six 64-bit Quad-core Cortex-A53 1440MHz core architecture, 20nm process, graphics processor is Adreno 418, dual-channel LPDDR3 933MHz 14.9GB/s memory bandwidth (He Xiaolong 801 MSM8974AC). From “the book” point of view, the Xiao long 810 specifications compared it much weaker, of course, heat and power, of course, wouldn’t be so impressive. Xiao long 808 application on the phone is not much, LG G4 before, Moto x Style, 360 cool Qi flagship, Samsung G9198 and other products. Phone 4C using this high-end SoC with the 1080P, can be said to be fully covered.

Xiao long 808 mix Adreno 418 is the graphics processor, with a minimum of 128 ALU (Xiao long 810 Adreno 430 is 192), frequency 600MHz, Yu Xiaolong Adreno 330 He Xiaolong of 801 805 Adreno 420. Based on Android phone 4C 5.1.1,GPU-driven V103, supports OpenGL ES 3.1.

-Run, possibly due to phone body is not good enough, or “gestures” correctly enough, our test machine and not in the hands of event a nominal high of nearly 58000 points, however the scores say to Yu Xiaolong 808lai quite well.

Daily application, six-core fully open and every core on the highest frequency, and running for some time, CPU starts to overheat down, shut down a large nuclear, in addition runs a nucleus will drop to a lower frequency.

Disney Big Hero iPhone 6 Plus Case Six Baymax with Red Scarf

We also take advantage of the recent fire “metaphysical curve” to see Xiao long 808+1080P phone 4C fluency, you can see whether the system UI or the third-party application has better performance.


Phone 4C post by Sony new stacks of transducers IMX258 (IMX214 upgrade with PDAF phase focus) and Samsung ISOCELL sensor S5K3M2 (red rice Note2 also has used that support phase focusing), 13 million pixels, F2.0 aperture, from looking at the configuration part of the mainstream, and IMX258 is our contact less new products. Big Hero iPhone 6 plus Case

Since phone 4C system shielded the CIT model to view hardware information, so we command you can find our phone in the hands of the 4C sensor, by this way we determine the batch of phone 4C IMX258 sensor is used.

In addition, we use the same viewing screen Panel, see we use cell phones in the hands of a sharp screen Panel, did not use the LG, AUO and even tenma’s Panel.

Back to the photo, camera interface, Note there is no significant difference between phone 4C and millet, remains a familiar way, but due to the introduction of edges touch, we touch phone’s frame can be used to achieve press the “Shutter” operations. Pay attention to cameras in the picture on the upper left corner of the small white spots, that is to touch the edge of location hints. Big Hero iPhone case

In addition, the product positioning may be taken into account because, phone 4C is not supported 4K video capture, up to 1080P.

Finally, we look at the phone and iPhone 4C image comparison of 6 Plus:

Phone 4C sample (click to view larger image)

IPhone 6 Plus sample (click to view larger image)

Phone 4C sample (click to view larger image)

IPhone 6 Plus sample (click to view larger image)

On the phone 4C more details and related test, please refer to our detailed follow-up evaluation.


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