Dissipation of the bicycle wheel Loopwheels

Sam Pearce from designer ideas, dissipation of the bicycle wheel (Loopwheels), ordinary wheels wire spokes together into three small elastic wheels, so, after a bumpy road surfaces of the time, the three elastic wheels will provide additional damping effect, make the ride more comfortable. Relative to the scheme of frame damping, Loopwheels has the advantage, it just improved the wheels, you can replace any bicycle wheel with this, resulting in shock absorption capacity.

At present, this shock-absorbing wheels have been in raising money for production, and it’s about fundraising success ~ should be listed soon, such as energy production.

• Structural change is to a large, in order to let 3 elastic wheel and hub together, set in the middle of an equilateral triangular structure, Delta Center, are the traditional wheel.

• This figure you can see details of the flexible wheel, when pressed, the bottom will be compressed, and the corresponding tensile iPhone Moschino

Moschino Spray Paint iPhone 6 Case

▲ Installed on the bike, won’t be cumbersome and visually gorgeous ~

• This leaflet is the most interesting figure–is about to steal Takumi Fujiwara sea business ~

Designer: Sam Pearce Moschino iPhone 6 cases

[ viakickstarter.com]


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