CrazyBoa Python audio Internet cloud hands-on experience


CrazyBoa sound is determined by BOA technology-independent open world’s first high-end fever cloud sound. The entire outer layer is brushed aluminum alloy material, with the domineering speaker, very eye-catching appearance. Combined with playback and high-fidelity results, makes the playback of this sound pretty good, then we will experience the head sound.


This guy is big, really big, fast hold of the Studio. Outside the box on the word CrazyBoa and fever of audio.


To be honest the picture is bad, part cutout to pull the hair is not clean.


Opening the box, a ring of thick styrofoam on either side for protection.


CrazyBoa audio outer layer and a layer of green bags.


Inside the box there is a black box, which is manual, warranty card, power adapters, and 3.5mm audio input cable.


This is the picture of CrazyBoa sound, seen from the appearance, feel is a sound product of the old circle of trying to reach the Internet, fashion design is not very young, no sense of Internet products.


But its traditional perception is quite different from that is that CrazyBoa also has a 7-inch touch screen, foil manufactured on the screen, we tear it down.


Audio system has such a large display are rare indeed, right, at the bottom of the screen there are several buttons, namely: switches the screen, play, pause, volume, volume reduction plus.


CrazyBoa in addition to the outer layer of a single addition to the brushed aluminum, and c cut, detail is good.


Audio front is one entire side of the Red mesh, CrazyBoa there are several kinds of color schemes. According to the official CrazyBoa in low frequency in high school to have a separate Chamber, restored better sound.


Filter directly into left and right sides, Visual effects is also good, both sides should be independent speaker, stereo effect is good.


The bottom four rough feet.


Is the power switch in the back and the main interface.

Hand Knitting Leather iPhone 5 Case Brown


For a close-up, from left to right, a USB interface, AP, 3.5mm, Bluetooth switch input, power connector and power switch.


CrazyBoa three sides are surrounded by a block of aluminum with No stitching, a high level of integration and, therefore, very heavy and very strong. To make hand made reference, can see this sound is relatively large, with common Bluetooth audio on the market is much bigger.


Was surrounded by a single block of aluminum, giving the impression is very strong indeed!


Then we plugged in directly boot experience.


CrazyBoa as a music player, and certainly better than ordinary stereo feature-rich, in addition to the usual Bluetooth, USB and line in connections, also play Internet radio and the cloud feature.


CrazyBoa operating system is Android based, mode of operation is also directly touch-screen operation, very easy. Even if the CrazyBoa is not connected to any device, simply connect to the Internet, also has direct on-demand songs music platform Python technology, in addition to Internet radio.


CrazyBoa also has its own mobile phone clients, after the installation, you can directly from the phone to operate stereo, so you can comfortably lie on one side, and control audio playback.


Basically not much sound can be set, and this sound support DPS gain sound effects.

NEO_IMG_ screen _2014-06-27-16-13-29

Since there are mobile, so you have to try it.

NEO_IMG_ screen _2014-06-27-16-13-58
NEO_IMG_ screen _2014-06-27-16-14-04

One use this client will have detailed instructions, follow the step by step tips connect audio.


If you want to connect the phone audio, remember to phone settings in sound and within the same local area network.

NEO_IMG_ screen _2014-06-27-16-23-04

After the connection is completed, is to go directly to the control interface, flat design, we can also see the 5 modules is CrazyBoa Audio Home operations on options. iPhone 5 leather


Let us try to Bluetooth mode, just Bluetooth on a normal connection.


This sound relatively unscientific is that exit other than the cloud play mode, automatically jump past cloud music player and automatically begins to play, often being startled. This is the music playing interface.


Audio and cell phone can display lyrics that cell phones can directly manipulate the songs on your player, play mode, basically to operate the audio through mobile phones.


Music platform where the songs are also very rich, but relatively few songs included. Classic and classic songs are more.


Internet radio, radio can receive many types of information, you need a smooth network support.


Most simple and crude original practical line in mode, direct plug in the 3.5mm input line will be able to play, simple and direct, and quickly to a cool little apples!


USB mode directly to the USB flash drive plugs into the audio back, the system will automatically detect the music detected dark except for the tracks on the audio display, connect a stereo phone will sync updates, can also directly through the phone to play. But small make up test songs FLAC lossless audio sources are not identified, finally found a few songs in the MP3 format can be properly identified, according to this audio set of FLAC and other lossless formats are supported, but did not know why recognition doesn’t come out.


Finally, listen to, and the volume of the broadcast, not to mention, after all, is the real sound design can be moved to the square against the Granny square. Just from the first sound, the sound performance is very good, compared to those previously heard hundreds of Bluetooth audio the audio there is a big gap, of course, prices here (at $ 1999). Reduction of sound is pretty good, clear and natural, low-frequency strong bass effects are obvious, the official also has two secondary output of the subwoofer. This audio 98dB Snr, supplemented by a professional DAC, the overall feeling is really good, and easy to use at home is absolutely sufficient, are suited to sound a bit demanding, but petty bourgeoisie who are not burning equipment.

And more unfortunately does not support third-party applications, if x can be installed directly on bean music x music online music platform and network applications, this audio will definitely welcome. iPhone 5 leather


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