CM V750S gold power supply out of the box


When installed, CPU, motherboard and video card model can be said to be more easily identified. Chassis, radiator, and power as the brand, and various technical parameters, so choose the more tangled. Power is good, is under load, and a variety of Gold Platinum. V series is Cooler Master’s new power series, than conventional design, packaging design is more high-end v series atmosphere overall is more high-end. V-series according to modules and half a module is divided into two series, the V750s belongs to the semi-modules. And 80PLUSjinpai the upper right corner is the work quality and efficiency performance and show, of course, v-series 80PLUS gold said.


Accessories, and an efficiency curve on the back.


Power supply design is simple and clean, surface using deep black tones, low end is high end. While V750 signs with the Cooler Master power supplies on both sides, quite obviously. (Although the cover and out of sight. )


Power supply nameplate information, V750 input voltage is 100~240V, reached the broadband input, simply even when unstable voltage ensures stable current output, guaranteed to run properly. V750 with single 12V output, the output current up to 62A, basically without any pressure. Hermes iPhone 6 plus wallet case


Fans use common honeycomb Web design, using double ball bearing inner, long service life and fast speed, but high manufacturing costs and noise effects of OCD can not accept. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case


V750 use module, power supply wire connector are abundant, and designed a board connector (20+4 PIN), a CPU-powered interface (4+4PIN), four video connector (6+2Pin), eight hard disk interface (SATA), one floppy connector (mini 4pin), six power supply connector (4pin).

Module wires designed for flat, medium length, on the line more convenient. V750 offers a total of 8 SATA power connector, 6 a 4pin d-type connector with 2 x mini 4pin connector. Module interface using 5P design, fun custom line is properly completed.


Power supply positive common honeycomb Web design, a power input connector and separate power switch.

Inside of the power supply using the Active PFC+DC-DC interface. Active PFC is now common in power and sophisticated design, DC-DC structure, provides a good basis for V750 conversion efficiency. V750 inside of the power supply there are two EMI circuits, respectively, in the AC as well as integration in the input socket. EMI filter design as a whole is quite good.

V750 capacitors are high quality Japanese capacitors, and a significant number of solid-state capacitors, enhance the stability of power. And there were over voltage, low voltage, short circuit protection design, able to meet the requirements of the player.


Cooler Master V750s rated power of 750W, can satisfy the hardware fever players in situations such as dual-card SLI power supply and demand, and is also called the luxury fittings in the internal material. On conversion efficiency is more important, of course, V750 ‘s performance is quite good, 80PLUS gold guarantee is properly completed.

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