Samsung to launch two new smart watch leading Apple core function table for

Samsung to launch two new smart watch, leading Apple core function table for one year

Foreign media reported yesterday in Germany Berlin IFA technology show, Samsung unveiled two Smart Watch: Gear Gear S3 and S3 Classic Frontier.

Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

Appearance levels, two new products are equipped with a great interface, Gear S3 Frontier outdoor styling, and Gear S3 more refined Classic business style.

Samsung to launch two new smart watch, leading Apple core function table for one year

Gear S3 series two new 1.3-inch color display, GPS positioning sensor, built-in speakers, 4GB, and Wireless charging, a single charge can be used for 4 days, and has a waterproof and dustproof features. Meanwhile, the user Samsung Pay services are available in the countries and regions using the mobile payment feature. Disney phone case

Gear S3 Frontier cellular wireless chip is unique in its configuration, 4G mobile network can be connected so watch without having to depend on the user’s Smartphone, the card make calls, send text messages and use applications such as Spotify, Uber, and Apple Watch during use, users watch must be connected to the iPhone.

Samsung global product spokesman Tony King (Tony Kim) says: Disney iPhone 6 Plus Case

We want people to leave the phone at home, use only Gear on the outside.

Media reports say Apple configurations in cellular wireless chips will be introduced in the future smart watches. Industry analysts, Apple launched the new version of the Apple next week Watch this feature should not be added, mainly because of concerns about length of battery life, is expected in 2017 is expected to launch. Apple Watch now watch the only 24 hour battery life per charge, and Samsung’s battery life is 4 days of these two products. Therefore, Samsung will maintain certain advantages during the year. In addition, according to the July report of the IDC data show that global smart watch sales in the second quarter of this year was 3.5 million, compared to $ 5.1 million last year. Of the 3.5 million in sales, Apple Apple Watch 1.6 million, but Apple is the only watch manufacturers fell.

At present, Samsung has not yet announced the specific price for new Gear S3 series watch. It is reported that these smart watches will start at the end of the sale.

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Fosun s brothers Liu Siqi technical school female VC people

“High risk” to attract women investors in the VC circle had not, female VC also tend to focus on consumer, civic and other “text” industries, such as artificial intelligence, data and Enterprise Services “reason”, technology-driven project-focused women investors called rare. Seemingly weak fosun brothers funds Chief Investment Officer Liu Siqi is such a technical female investors.

Large charms: a year of explosive growth

In the eyes of Liu Siqi, artificial intelligence, data and enterprise services to three seemingly unrelated areas of investment are closely linked, and under the rule of logic in a huge investment. “Quality of data sources is the key to three areas, corporate services is access to quality source of data, which in turn is to a large extent determine the accuracy and effectiveness of artificial intelligence. ”

Data areas, Liu Siqi is Aurora pushes the most proud (JPush). Aurora provides SDK,APP developers can call push can be used directly, pushes the finish, In-App IM, payment and other business, then concentrate on their main business.

Aurora currently push push has become the largest third party service provider, service APP exceeds 300,000, has accumulated a large amount of user data, the user has a clear portrait of airbnb, music video, Ju mei, Ying is Aurora’s customer.

Last May, the Aurora pushed millions of dollars won b round of financing by fosun brothers lead investor, IDG and Mandra Capital investment. Dolce Gabbana Cases

Liu Siqi said that in 2015, ahead of Aurora months live only more than 100 million, a year of investment, that number reached 600 million, forming the explosive growth. Based on the accumulated data, companies have been liquidated in such areas as advertising, DMP. Aurora now has become the darling of the capital markets, valuation by more than 5 times within a year.

Deep data areas, Liu Siqi on data services also have their own judgment, no matter how beautiful the data must be valid data have reference value. “Cumulative access and monthly amount, its value is not on an order of magnitude. Data fields “4V” Volume (mass), Velocity (speed), Variety (variety), the Value (value), is the object of, with levels of accumulation, quick update, will form valuable data, to make the right judgments. ” Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

AI (artificial intelligence) the relationship’s development is inextricably linked to data.

Logically speaking, recognition in artificial intelligence and judgment is formed based on the accumulation of large amounts of data.

Liu Siqi analysis, in AI field company of a effective competition barriers is a its algorithm, and component by how many products in specific using (as in application to Chinese voice recognition of APP or products in the, HKUST news fly of market share near 70%), or its products in specific scene in the smooth, and widely run of time length (as Google no car, and big Xinjiang no machine), in run using process in the produced of data for AI of intelligent degree improve vital, with of more more, on more accurate, more intelligent.

In the field of artificial intelligence, fosun brothers Usens (Ling science and technology) and sagitar Poly.

Usens solve the problem of mobile and interactive VR, fosun brothers research report finds that only by addressing these two issues, VR can be consumer products. Senior scientist at the Usens team from Silicon Valley, its technology could be called an international leader.

Dolce Gabbana Cases

Sagitar laser radar’s flagship product is considered to be unmanned vehicles, drones, robots eyes, robot equipped with LIDAR laser radar can rapidly on the environment modeling and obstacle avoidance reactions and decisions. Sagitar technology of hundred-metre accuracy calibration in less than 2 mm, and unmanned vehicles to provide suppliers of laser radar for Google rival VelodyneLiDAR.

It also validated the fosun brothers of the established purposes: only subdivision in the area of “first” or “single”.

Depth: AI Crown shining gem

Depth of field of study is generally considered difficult, in fact, Liu Siqi believes that deep learning will make processing more efficient, and large data will greatly facilitate deep learning and development in the field of artificial intelligence, these three areas are closely linked.

Deep learning machines mimic the human brain neural network for modeling a learning method, data processing, simulation of human thinking ways of learning. Depth study was proposed in 2006, but until the last two or three years, increases the amount of data the data, processing data, improving the capacity of depth is a better place, the industry had explosive growth and rapid.

Liu Siqi said most large data processing does not require deep learning that, in future, use deep learning can make data better. Currently, Facebook and Google’s advertising system to deep learning, Liu Siqi believes that over the next three-year period, with the increase of the total amount of data, some companies provide in-depth step by step learning development tools, advanced learning technology will gradually lower the threshold, the application deep learning will become more and more wide ranging. From infrastructure to process big data Hadoop, and now TensorFlow, deeplearning4J the depth of learning open source platform, there will be more and more companies will enter the ranks of deep learning user. Of course, the first thing to do is data cleaning to remove noise (predicting the invalid data) to refine the raw data, abstracts and merge, eventually forming the desired results.

In the eyes of Liu Siqi, data is not an independent topic. So VC investment data, and cannot be a single focus on the data itself and learning data industry, and large eyes to study and measure the development opportunities in other industries.

From last year to now have never stopped, “winter capital”, and Liu Siqi believes that the current, slowing the overall investment of the capital market, established market funds become more cautious. In addition, listed companies ‘ strategic investment fund, established in the Fund consists of solo investing new funds so many new players on the market. Meanwhile, policy concept of such investment, speculation in the secondary market is cooling. For investors, more need to calm down. Because good projects tend not to be optimistic about in the beginning, its breakthrough model at an early stage is uncertain.

Fosun brothers focused on early stage, Liu Siqi summarized when she invested with a, b, and judged the project’s criteria. First is market enough big; second is must to in this field market of outbreak Eve, because timing very important; next is founder and team, founder must to has drive, and passion, and play and innovation capacity, founder is divided into market sales class talent and technology class talent, former can fast found out market market, which is on market sensitive degrees lower, for such of company, take merger of way exit compared reasonable; left of is commercial mode and operation data. Generally speaking, as long as the three previous conditions are met, business models can be adjusted according to the actual situation, data are certainly not bad.

Deep learning of humanity is an advantage for women investors

After 6 years of work in Hong Kong back to the Mainland, Liu Siqi of entrepreneurial environment and capital markets has obvious differences between the two places. Compared with Hong Kong, the Mainland has more geopolitical and demographic advantages, the Internet business atmosphere is thicker.

Investment banker before working as a seller’s market, and investment institutions, as the buyer, said Liu Siqi, become more objective and rational, “may have done a nice ppt tell customers how good can this now as a buyer, be more objective to evaluate a project. ”

“I belong to that class of more cautious in terms of investment, lead investor of the project is basically no more than a year two, I don’t like to burn the project, for example, need to heavily subsidize the O2O. “This is also in line with fosun brothers of the basic styles, O2O entire venture market and P2P so popular last year, but Fuxing brothers in both sectors to invest in a few.

Some entrepreneurs will assume a lot of scenarios, such as last year’s on-site services and derivatives services, Liu Siqi, after judging that just demand, no investment. “I pass out the very high percentage of projects, some State has even put in to the stage, finally gave up due to some factors, my principles are chosen wisely, not a wide net investment. “Liu Siqi said there will continue to be areas of concern: large, artificial intelligence, Enterprise Services, and Internet banking, the latter would only focus on technical, data-driven cross-gold project, and insurance on the Internet. Meanwhile, consistently cautious style, speed is not affected by changes in the market impact of investment.

Asked as a female investor, whether there will be too many emotional factors which affects my judgement on the project, said Liu Siqi, sensual and not a bad thing, women have delicate, human nature perspective, user habits of observation, is very helpful for investment. Actually many mobile Internet industry development of trend are is with people habits of changes and moving, like from past in Internet browser Shang “found” mainly, to mobile Internet Shang open APP, again to now directly click “push” to phone Shang of message, this are is user behavior of changes trend, deep acquisition humanity of based Shang to made right of judge, this precisely is as women investors of advantage where.

In perceptual judgment at the same time, Liu Siqi prefers data, technology type spell hard power project, a new project investments tend to interview more than 10 technical experts. “To get new technologies to help in the field, technology investment most of the boys, and I as a little white girls more likely to face down ask questions, this is one of the advantages for women investors. ”

Google Now or add interest to explore features

Google Now as three personal virtual assistant can add new functionality. According to androidpolice reported, Google may add “interested in exploring” (Explore Interests), to better understand the user’s preferences. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Leaked screenshots show interest in exploring the platform selected as a topic of interest, and are divided into characters, such as sports, movies, music, and the stock, each category has more subcategories below for selection. If the area of interest a news, Google Now will be the first time a reminder. Before this change by searching records to determine user preferences or positioning of passive. But Google said the interest feature is just an experiment.

Google Now or add interest to explore features

But Google to track user preferences, had started many years ago, such as Alerts newsletter service, it is mainly used for quick access to news events. After this function may be adding more daily applications.

Google Now or add interest to explore features

In 2012, the Google I/O Developer Conference, Google Now appeared for the first time. When Google’s commitment is in front of your search you will get the results you want. Now, with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Echo appeared and Amazon, Google would like to become more active and provide a service that the user wants but still boring. Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case

Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Most competitors still lingers in the 28nm process technology at the time, Samsung 20nm SoC has quietly listed, first product is Exynos 5430, it carries in some versions of the Galaxy on the Alpha, still using the familiar A15+A7 schema. Today we want to introduce is the Korean version of Galaxy Alpha.


Test is to use Exynos 5430 SM-G850S, namely SK Telecom customized version of Galaxy Alpha, domestic version using mycophenolate mofetil 801.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Galaxy Alpha continues to use environmentally friendly paper packing, but the color changed to grey with dense patterns of ornament.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Some technical features of the back, you can see the Korean version of Galaxy Alpha support LTE Cat.6 technology using eight-core processor, 2G Ram,720P Super AMOLED,1200 megapixel rear-facing camera + 2.1 million front-facing camera, 1860mAh battery


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Open the package, you can see the features of Samsung Galaxy Alpha return products in the past, protective film over the screen marking the key parameters (Galaxy S5 is a transparent protective film).


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Galaxy Alpha has a 4.7-inch screen, relative to the Galaxy s series of generations, looks pretty small.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Galaxy Alpha still has a Samsung logo on the front panel of the characteristics of Galaxy S5 is not round, more masculine lines of the fuselage, closer to the Galaxy S2. 720P of 4.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, and as a result of the Pentile arranged, so the screen compared to the finesse of high-end products, there is still a wide gap between the mainstream. iPhone 6 plus cases hello kitty


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Top is still a network of Xiang Ping and the front panel of the receiver cover, as is the white version, the two sensors and front-facing camera on the right seemed a bit abrupt … With the old saying, this design is too “casual”. White Galaxy Alpha using intensive cross-shaped pattern on the front panel.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Below, entities, flat Home key with fingerprint recognition, flanked with touch buttons, namely, multi task and returns. Entity keys feel quite hard, flexibility is not strong.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Back is flat in the back cover, there is LTE-A X3 (that is, LTE Cat.6 network) as well as Samsung’s brand logo.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha first 20nm process start to play

Post 12 million pixel camera, with ISOCELL technology, native 16:9 sensor is a led light on the left side lights as well as heart rate detection.


Relative to the Galaxy S5 white rear cover Galaxy Alpha white to appear more pure, more detailed patterns, feels better.


Galaxy Alpha boasts, is Samsung’s first Android phone into a metal box design, which we cannot spray “thousands of plastic”. Samsung’s metal box design is tough, four corners have a thickened, SAG on both sides of the fuselage. Though this is the first metal box in design, but Galaxy Alpha metals technology is relatively mature, metal cutting and polishing are excellent.


Design by SAG on both sides of the fuselage, that is, side buttons, we can also side fuselage. Is the power button on the right side of the fuselage.

Is one designed for the volume keys on the left side of the fuselage.


3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the fuselage, as well as noise-reducing microphone, Galaxy Alpha can be seen at the top of the metal across the fault and the metal parts of the fitting are not doing well.


Speaker settings at the bottom, Central is a micro-USB interface.


Galaxy Alpha while the fuselage only 6.7mm, but still has a removable back cover and the battery of Samsung’s traditional design, but does not support the micro-SD card expansion.


Because of body size and thickness constraints, battery capacity is small, only 1860mAh. NFC coils on the battery.


Galaxy Alpha as well as Samsung’s first handset using Nano-SIM.


We allow Galaxy Alpha and also compared the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches, you can see the Galaxy Alpha is much more compact body design, this is because Apple still adhere to the “three-step” design.


Both are less than 7mm slim body design, cameras were raised.


Metal frame comparison, Galaxy Alpha line tough, while the iPhone 6 is sleek.


Packing second-tier mobile phone accessories.


Spare parts for Korean version of Galaxy Alpha still looked very “conscience”, have a double pair of filled configurations.


Galaxy Alpha is still used by the Samsung TouchWiz, almost identical in function and design as a whole and Galaxy S5 only added two wallpapers.


Fast switch the dropdown bar also features a circular design.


Settings menu, function, Galaxy line S5, but a lack of “Download thruster” (can also use 4G and WiFi networks to speed up downloads) functionality.


Galaxy Alpha system based on Android 4.4.4, kernel version is 3.10.9.

  Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Plus Case

System does not support the ART modes, but use only 720P, so Galaxy Alpha fluency as a whole is still at a very high level.


Korean domestic Unicom Galaxy Alpha support LTE network, plug mobile cards you can use GPRS.

Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Plus Case


Korean version of Galaxy Alpha Exynos 5430 processor, made up of quad-core and quad-core Cortex-A7 Cortex-A15, frequency is a core version is 1.8GHz and 1.3GHz,Cortex-A15 respectively r3p3,GPU and Exynos 5420, Exynos 54,221, are Mali-T628mp6. Exynos 5430 feature is undoubtedly the introduction of 20nm process.


Galaxy Alpha total 2G Ram, power is available within 1G.


32G internal storage capacity, available at 25.8G.


We are also here to do some performance testing, Tutu evaluation version 5.1, the Korean version of Galaxy Alpha ran close to 50,000, the result is very good, because of the low resolution, GPU score-more than 17000.


PI 10 million operation, test the CPU’s floating point performance, Galaxy Alpha with 26 seconds to complete a test, which is a good, He Xiaolong is similar to 801/805.


GBA emulator test is the test of CPU single-core performance, because of the low frequencies, Galaxy Alpha’s performance was not great, relative to the high-frequency A15 200 frames is more gap


1080P 60FPS ref15 video software solutions tested, Galaxy Alpha is more disappointing, even worse than the Exynos 5410, presumably as a result of an eight-core HMP no regulation at all.


RAR test, this test is for CPU cache, and eight-core processors in this test will have a big advantage, Galaxy Alpha received more than 1700KB/s of good grades.


A1 SD Flash memory Test Bench, Galaxy Alpha reading scores have 159.13MB/s, write 82.36MB/s, Galaxy Alpha can be determined using the eMMC5.0 basically, but reading scores are too low, optimization is not good


GFXBench,Galaxy GPU testing Alpha performance amazing, not only significantly more than Exynos 5420/5422, was down 801 Xiao long, but long 805 A8/mycophenolate mofetil is still backward.


3DMark, did not GFXBench eye-catching performance, but the advances are still evident relative to the Exynos 5420/5422.


We are open when running GPU test frequency detection, finding Galaxy GPU with the highest frequency of Alpha 600MHz, increase relative to the Exynos 5420/5422 is not great, performance improvements such significant, presumably to 20nm process, as well as new credit to drive optimization.


Galaxy ISOCELL Alpha equipped with Samsung’s own 12 million pixel camera, sensors of the native 16:9, which in the past did not appear on the product.


Supports up to 3840*2160 the 4K of a video recording, and number of frames 30FPS, Galaxy Alpha ISP performance is very strong.


Photographed in the actual experience, Galaxy 12 million pixel camera Alpha continued the Galaxy S5 features high resolution and low light imaging on even better than the Galaxy S5, focus under low light conditions the success rate is better than Galaxy S5 better using mycophenolate mofetil series processors, use Exynos and 5422 Galaxy similar to the S5. Here are some take the same picture (click to view larger image):

Low light photography (closed image stabilization).

Low light photography (open image stabilization).

More about Galaxy Alpha testing, please continue to follow our detailed review.

When you are in when considering whether it will go down from the altar silently

About Xinjiang, many people only one problem left, when walking down the aisle.

If you see these young faces, you will forget about the problem.

Deep in the Badminton Hall, hundreds of students from different universities around the world to get together, be drones, robots and tools on the ground and junk. Here the ongoing UAV competition organizers for Xinjiang.

When you are in when considering whether it will go down from the altar, silently in the training of Xinjiang the next big frontier

The drone of the RoboMasters competition held in Xinjiang is not the first time, as early as 2013, tried it in the form of summer camp is a great frontier for science and engineering students and lovers of robots tailored summer research program. Through self-registration forms bring together hundreds of universities students, in large parts of Xinjiang for a month of training at Headquarters, Professor from Hong Kong University of science and technology, as well as guidance and group industry elite, between the last group will validate your research results. Outstanding members will have the opportunity to enter Xinjiang into an engineer or a full scholarship to the University of science and technology postgraduate places in Hong Kong. Starting from 2013, large parts of Xinjiang this summer camp is held every year in the summer. Summer camp has set up “autonomous mobile targeting” and “Robot Wars extreme destruction” and “fully autonomous flight bombing” and other challenges, the game from the ground up to the sky, also put forward higher requirements for students.

Today, the collector of this year’s summer camp day. From the University of Washington, New York University, Hong Kong University of science and technology, Zhejiang University, Xian Jiaotong University and other universities at home and abroad over top hundred engineering students competed, compete’s understanding of machine vision technology, challenging flying robot, automatic admission, the automatic throwing techniques. After fierce competition, camp was a tenth team takes the Crown, won the Elf Phantom 4 drones provided by awards of Xinjiang.

When you are in when considering whether it will go down from the altar, silently in the training of Xinjiang the next big frontier

Game on a square of side length 8 m site launches, each round of the game 10 minutes longer. Designed and developed by teams flying robots need to grab from the various zone plush toys or golf, into a specific basket; robot different gripping and throwing the option of winning different scores. In plush toys, for example, during the competition, will refresh the basket color, only the red, yellow and blue colors of toys into the same basket, throwing will be recorded as a perfect score.

When you are in when considering whether it will go down from the altar, silently in the training of Xinjiang the next big frontier

After taking off, flying drones to grab, and recognition, throws and other actions by the program automatically. Finally, from the Harbin Institute of technology, University, Zhejiang University, 8 universities team jointly formed by the 11 students, tenth 2006.4 points, ahead of runners-up won more than more than 200 points.

When you are in when considering whether it will go down from the altar, silently in the training of Xinjiang the next big frontier

RoboMasters summer camp has been held for four years, those who in the past have entered Xinjiang. RoboMasters event to Lei Feng Gao Jianrong, head nets (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) says Xinjiang camp primarily for the students are trained to be engineers, the engineers way will be forwarded to their choice for the future, even if not entered Xinjiang, they would still contribute their strength in this industry, the entire industry will be more progressive. GAO Jianrong said each year end up in Xinjiang to become engineers in the single digits, but that does not affect Jiang resolution to summer camp.

In addition to the summer camp, along with the RoboMasters National University robot contest play Museum games and challenges. RoboMasters National College robot competition was successfully held a session in 2015, with camp tasks different thematic, robot contest is a fierce robot competitions, League of legends mode analogy, teams made up of universities, while still increasing the game cycle is longer. disney iPad cases

When you are in when considering whether it will go down from the altar, silently in the training of Xinjiang the next big frontier

2015 RoboMasters National College robot contest Disney iPad Mini Case

Disney iPad Mini Case

RoboMasters can said is big Xinjiang founder Wang Tao of personal feelings, ten years Qian also is Hong Kong Technology University one students of he is robot game of regulars, also is in robot game in the by made of research results let he has has venture of idea and in one fell swoop success, so also gave birth to has he wants to let more people became engineers and enjoy success of may, in he seems has insights and innovation seeking really spirit, and work mark of core talent in China is scarce resources. RoboMasters National College robot contest last year’s final, Wang Tao appeared rarely in public activities to watch and for the champion team One Point Five awards of the University. Wang Tao said in a speech, hopes to form a students Union of intercollegiate athletic competition, creating exciting robot competitions, very entertaining, which attract large numbers of young people to join in, let them realize that engineers, inventors also received widespread attention.

This competition there is no audience, involved nearly all participants. But that enthusiasm did not affect their participation. These people are becoming a qualified engineer.

The new SE is not pleasant to the eye Than take a look at Apple s new products

In the just-concluded Conference, Apple released four new iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. But at the press conference after the official Apple store shelves some new accessories not mentioned at the press conference. If you have too much interest in two new machines, take a look at these new accessories.

Spring color official protection sleeve

Screenshot 2016-03-22 morning 3.06.03

At the press conference after the end of Apple silently in the Mall official website launched a new official protection. IPad mini and the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro official Smart Cover color up to 11, and iPad Mini 4 with official iPhone 6s/6s Plus silicone case color to an unprecedented 14. Lighter colors give consumers more choice. Except silicone Shell to introduce more color and more delicate texture of leather protection sleeve color also adds several.


If you are not interested in new small form factor iPhone SE, spring has come, for my iPhone and put more color light “clothing” is also good. IPhone 6s/6s Plus the official price of silicone case 258/298 Yuan respectively. Leather protection sleeve for 348/388 Yuan.

USB-C to the Lightning cable Michael Kors

Screenshot 2016-03-22 morning 3.24.03

Apple’s new Macbook on the extremely thin and light notebook product equipped with a USB-c interface design, has been consuming ridicule for a long time.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 morning 3.29.20

Many users are complaining that their new computer interface is not enough, even if you want to connect the iPhone with the new Macbook, using an adapter converts the c USB – more common normal USB interface. Fortunately Apple store just last a USB-c to the Lightning cable. New Macbook users do not need to use adapter when connecting iPhone. This USB-c to the Lightning cable sells for $ 188 million from the Apple website, 1 meter in length.

Milan nice strap in black

Screenshot 2016-03-22 morning 3.31.26

Launched after the black version of the stainless steel standard Apple Watch, Apple today last deep space nice strap black Milan, makes this new band and before the release of the black standard Apple Watch with more coordinated. Expensive than Nice strap silver version before Milan price 400, black version of Milan nice strap 38mm with 42 mm version of the price is RMB 1558 if you prefer dark colors and fan full of Apple, business Watch, black standard Apple Watch with Nice deep black Milan strap would be a good choice.

After you publish the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 on sale Michael Kors iPad Air Case

Michael Kors

Screenshot 2016-03-22 morning 3.50.51

In the just-concluded Conference of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, priced at 4388, and after the new iPad Pro online, we find that the Apple iPad slip lower prices of Air 2, iPad Air 2 now sells for 2888, iPad mini starts at the same.

Compared to the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 has more processor performance, and a bigger screen, iPad Air 2 was by far one of the most lightweight iPad product. If you want to buy a new iPad, under the same price, you will choose iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4? or follow the “buy new buy old” law of buying digital products directly purchased the same screen size and configuration upgrades the new iPad Pro?

Source: love van son

This is Sweden s clothing care products do not contain fluorescent agents and

This is Sweden's clothing care products not containing fluorescent agents, good for him and her

Clothes make the man, who loves sophisticated design, and support key elements of design, is the process of fabrics, and delicate fabrics. Concomitant with this, while respecting the design, taking good care of clothing, is essential for long.

So, here’s your cool clothes like a Shuangli Zhang he, what do you use to clean?

The secret? Tide? HA HA.


This is from Sweden’s top clothing care brand TANGENTGC, favored by many stars of the fashion industry. TANGENTGC adhere to reasonable care will make clothing more long-term philosophy of life, the main natural laundry care products without additives and fluorescent agents.

Nature’s care, for every piece of clothing to find the most appropriate care.


TANGENTGC EU obtained ECOCERT certified organic and its stringent quality inspection and certification process, so any product bearing the ECOCERT certification marks have become a high quality and good reputation to ensure, for the sake of environmental protection organic recognized and respected by the world.


TANGENTGC cooperation with the high-end, boutique design shops selling, such as j Crew, COS, Centre Commercial Paris … …


Founder of Dawei·samiuersen, says: “my grandfather was a clean the chimneys of the workers, he often makes a person feel sloppy. However, he did dress elegant and maintain a spotless closet day-each set through the clothes will be cleaned and ironed collar; each pair of worn shoes, has to put on his shoes last, then polished and polished. ” VR box glasses


Details such as pursuit of success convincing products!

VR box glasses


Seven kinds of designer products, already love rare full shelves.

① cooperation plate making Gin and clothes detergent, was TANGENTGC shirt with shirt brand A.S.P developed special cleaning product. In particular, it adds Juniper essential oil aroma, protective skin. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

② exquisite clothes detergent, add Orange oil, gentle processing of natural fibers. Product is suitable for all wool, silk, mohair, cashmere and other all natural fiber materials. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

③ Stain Remover stain cleaner, add essence of natural soybean and sunflower, applies to everything, including delicate fabrics such as silk and wool fabrics. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

Black Fabric Softener fabric softener, add peach oil, and Aloe Vera, can effectively reduce the detergent residue and lime deposits. Very suitable for allergies and sensitive skin crowd. This recipe makes clothes very soft easy to iron. Products apply in fine fabric. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

⑤ Denim Wash Jeans clothes detergent, sugar extracting active agents and specially added sweet orange essential oil. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store

⑥ Sportswear clothing detergent Detergent movement, the unique odor protection. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store


Sadly, Small Shoe Care Set small shoe care Kit. Point of purchase I love unusual creative store VR Box virtual reality

Prepared for Africa Bask in the Sun during the day night insulation crib

Prepared for Africa! Bask in the Sun during the day, night insulation crib

Yes, when most parts of the country are racing to high temperatures, everyone wanted into the refrigerator when you sleep, love rare to discuss the design of a thermal insulation, it is pain.


But the world is like this, such as African, although Tan skin off of solar energy during the day, but JJ and cold at night back 1 cm long – and most of Africa is a place with no air conditioning … …

You can’t stand, what about kids?

Designer Joon Kwon, who brought this baby bed may help anxiety of mothers in Africa.


Structure is simple and looks like a small tub, just let the baby lie in.


Structure is very complicated, outer layer of soft foam, you can let the children sleep very comfortably. Is a polymer gel layer in the Middle, can absorb heat from the Sun and keeping as much as possible.


So what do it do? Words can explain, is to bask in the Sun during the day, evening heat. Moschino case


Designers say, the entire design can ensure that sleep 12 hours of warmth, enough kids were required during the night.


So, you see, baby smile how happy.


Designer: Joon Kwon, Jihye Hong, Insup Yun, Minha Kwon, Keunhee Kim, Usuk Lee, Jihoon Park iPhone Moschino


Moschino case

Low price PHILIPS RQ1258 Japanese Yen 11748

Low price: PHILIPS RQ1258 Japanese Yen 11748

PHILIPS RQ1258 is 2013 of a new three-segment of Philips shavers. Technologies and cutters, knives, nets are guaranteed to shave and clean. Global voltage support, where saying no pressure.

DKNY iPhone 6+ cases

PHILIPS RQ1258 price is 13748, but now sells discount 2000 yen, for the low price of 11748 yen, about 720 per cent, at 810 Yuan, compared to the domestic price of 100~1700 Yuan, the price advantage. DKNY iPhone plus case

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